Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Beyonce Scare Mother Off Scientology

beyonce scientology scare for mother

beyonce scientology scare for mother

This week’s celebrity gossip includes some disappointing news for TV fans as well as both good and bad news in the world of Hollywood.

Betty White fans will be sad to learn that her TV Land series, Hot In Cleveland, finishes a six year run that saw the addition of such stars as Wendie Malack, Jane Leeves and Valerie Bertinelli. These three stars each spoke out about the show’s cancellation via Twitter, expressing their sadness and disappointment at the series’ end but stating that the show is going to go out with a bang when the series finale airs in April of 2015.

In two sad celebrity deaths Mike Nichols, director and husband of Diane Sawyer, passed away at 83 years old after going into cardiac arrest and Motown singer Jimmy Ruffin passed away at 78 years old, though no cause of death has been announced.

Comedian Tracy Morgan is still suffering from the results of injuries he sustained when his tour bus was hit by a Walmart delivery truck in June. His lawyer recently informed the media that though Tracy is still struggling he is determined to get better. He has started a lawsuit against Walmart over the accident and Walmart is countersuing in response.

Beyonce is busy trying to prevent her mother from being dragged into scientology. Mom Tina’s boyfriend Richard Lawson, is associated with the church of scientology and Beyonce has reason to believe he is pressuring Tina to join as well. Beyonce’s agent has not confirmed or denied this piece of gossip.

To remind us just how catty Hollywood can be, after a recent custody battle between Bode Miller and his son’s mother, who is not his current wife, the wife is making claims that Bode’s son’s mother took a used condom out of the trash and had Bode wear it so she could get pregnant with their child. She fought back and stated that she got pregnant “the right way.”

Continuing to recognize the cattiness that Hollywood brings out in people, this week’s gossip mill includes Gwyneth Paltrow baking a cake allegedly meant to knock Martha Stewart for the jail sentence she receive due to participating in insider trading in previous years. Gywneth posted a picture of the cake on her website, which was made using whipped cream and chocolate wafers. The implication is that the chocolate wafers are the bars on a prison cell.  She alleged baked this cake in retaliation for Martha Stewart for running a story on “Conscious Coupling,” in her magazine Martha Stewart Living. This story was allegedly meant to criticize Gwyneth for breaking up with husband Chris Martin. If this is true it makes no sense why Martha Stewart would care one way or another, what happened between Gwyneth and Chris.

In some rather disturbing celebrity gossip Iggy Azala is lashing out at Eminem for a rap song about raping her. While the lyrics only allude to her rape, she is still understandably concerned. The song’s lyrics mention both Iggy and Nicki Minaj. Iggy said on Twitter that her 14 year old brother is a huge Eminem fan and he is upset that the rapper has implied the rape of his big sister.

Jessica Simpson’s father Joe Simpson, who is divorced from her mother after announcing that he is gay, is the subject of rumors that he has proposed marriage to boyfriend Jonathan Keith. Not one to hide his relationship, Joe brought Jonathan with him to Jessica’s July wedding. Rumor has it that Jessica is trying to get used to the idea of her father being gay, and that he has discussed getting married again with her.

On a side note, the gossip mill has revealed that in an interview Jessica’s ex-husband Nick Lachey gave to “Watch What Happens Live,” an interview where he stated that he was happy to not be married to Jessica anymore because now he didn’t have to “play footsie” with her dad under the table at holiday gatherings.

Since we can’t get through one week of gossip that does not include the Kardashians this week we can all cringe at the fact that Kim is a mother when so many deserving women in this world can’t be. Kim recently told a radio station in Australia that she would have no problem with daughter North West posing naked when she reaches adulthood. She proudly stated that she would support North West in anything she ever decides to do. Which means 20 years from now we’ll be seeing “Keeping Up With the Next Generation of Kardashians.”

While some people love the Kardashians and everything they do, one Hollywood celebrity is adamant about disliking Kim Kardashian. Angelina Jolie reportedly made sure Kim was banned from Angelina’s movie premiere in Sydney, Australia. She reportedly didn’t want Kim (who was in Australia for her own promotional needs,) there because she is trying to get nominated for an Oscar and she was afraid allowing Kim to walk the red carpet at her premiere would prevent that from happening. Angelina allegedly took steps to ban Kim after Kim made an effort to get an invite to the premiere so she could get near Angelina and husband Brad Pitt. Kim is convinced that if husband Kanye West had been with her Angelina would have welcomed her to the premiere with open arms. Personally I have my doubts about that. Angelina Jolie is smart enough to know that avoiding the Kardashians in general is a good plan.

The Kardashian family continues to have problems as Kris Jenner’s young boyfriend, Corey Gamble, has a past filled with violence according to his ex-girlfriend. His ex claims that once they split he became violent towards her. Apparently these rumors aren’t enough to convince Kris to dump her boy toy, proving once again how dumb the Kardashian family really is.

That’s it for this week’s celebrity gossip. Check back next week to find out what other messes the Kardashians make.