Hannibal 304 Aperitivo Speeds It Up Again

What a horrible week its been for us Fannibals. In a scary foreshadowing event, I wrote that if they didn’t pick up the pace on Hannibal the show might face cancellation. It was then revealed on Monday (of all days) that the show is officially canceled on NBC.

HANNIBAL 303 Keeps Secondo Slow

Another slow episode in season 3, Secondo just scratched the surface of Hannibal’s troubled past. It also posed the question of why Hannibal is the way he is. The episode uses the themes expressed in Thomas Harris’s Hannibal Rising novel to try and explain why Hannibal is the cannibal serial killer he is.

HANNIBAL 302 Primavera Made Me Carb Crash

Hannibal’s season 3 episode 2 entitled Primavera might be the first time I ever felt like falling asleep during an episode. This season is already off to a very slow start and I can only hope that the third episode is the charmed (and more exciting one).

Hannibal 301: Appetite for Antipasto

Well fannibals, our craving for wondering what happened to our favorite cannibal after he escaped with his warped psychiatrist Bedelia Du Maurier has finally been satisfied.