Hannibal 305 Contorno Recap

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hannibal recap 305 contorno 2015 imagesWhile Fannibals such as myself drown themselves in tears over the cancellation of the show, episode 5 of season 3 presented one of the bloodiest episodes of the season! It felt long over due as this season found itself tipping way too far over in to being meta. Highly intelligent dialog is what we came to love this show for, but we also want some blood and excitement every now and then. I still miss their “monster of the week” format, but this episodes blood and gore and made up for it spades. NBC has moved the show to Saturday’s, just showing us they don’t care if we are angry at their giving up on one of the best shows on network tv. The best news from Bryan Fuller at Comic-Con 2015 was that they are ‘talking’ about making Hannibal into a movie. Fingers crossed!

One thing about episode 5 made me very unhappy. The new character Chiyoh in the series is adapted differently from the book Hannibal Rising. In the book she was Lady Murasaki. In the show she is Chiyoh, Lady Murasaki’s handmaid. Why did they feel it was OK to make the only Asian female on the show an ex-handmaid. Really NBC?

Moving on, Will and Chiyoh are seen going to Florence on a train together. Though Will is curious about what Hannibal was like when Chiyoh met him, he’s unsure now what he wants to get out of seeing Hannibal again. Chiyoh says that Hannibal was cunning an charming. She learned a lot from him even though he disguised himself as a mentor, it was causing distress that excited him the most.

We then see Bedelia and Hannibal talking in Florence. They’re looking more and more like a married couple with each passing episode. They’re having yet another discussion on Will wanting to Kill Hannibal and Hannibal wanting to kill will. These conversations are becoming a bit tedious and redundant.

In a visually beautiful sequence, Jack Crawford let his wife’s ashes out in a river in Italy where they first met. I wasn’t expecting him to throw his ring in the river so soon, but maybe that was his way of coping. Jack Joins detective Pazzi and his wife for dinner where Pazzi reveals that he is hunting hunting Hannibal. Jack tells him that he tried the same thing…and lost. At this moment it become clears that Pazzi is not thinking too clearly.

Alana shows off her smarts when she reveals to Mason that she tracked Hannibal through his different tastes. She knows where Bedelia shops for Hannibal every week.

hannibal 305 images 2015As Will and Chiyoh talk on the train she learns that Will feels like if he doesn’t kill Hannibal he will become him. It’s clear that Will still loves Hannibal, but he’s disgusted in the fact that he feels that way. In one of the most shocking sequences of the episode, Chiyoh kisses Will passionately only to throw him off the back of a moving train. What’s even more surprising (and a tad unbelievable) is how a little later we see him highly injured but walking and alive. For the rest of the episode, we never learn what her motivations are leaving an exciting plot line open for the next episode.

Pazzi confronts Hannibal while he’s at work. Not a good idea. In a chilling foreshadowing sequence, Hannibal brings up how one of Pazzi’s ancestors were hanged and disemboweled for an attempted assassination. Things are not looking good for Pazzi.

He came across in earlier episodes as a bit unscrupulous (not meaning to just catch Hannibal for justice’s sake) and in this episode our suspicions are proven correct. Pazzi stupidly confronts Hannibal in his home. After some taunting between the two, Hannibal quickly puts Pazzi in a choke hold.

Pazzi wakes up soon in a chair bound and gagged with Hannibal promising that if he answers a few questions honestly, he will be spared from Hannibal’s dinner plate. Pazzi quickly spill the beans that Mason has put the bounty out on him. Sadly, that doesn’t stop anything. Hannibal in his own devilish way says that he called the number Mason put out on the Wanted site for pure fun and he already knew about the bounty. Since Pazzi’s colleagues don’t know he is hunting Hannibal in exchange for Mason’s bounty, Hannibal answer’s Pazzi’s phone with Alana being on the other end. He taunts Alana in typical Hannibal fashion before hanging up and cutting deep across Pazzi’s stomach. Hannibal is then thrown out of the window causing his organs to spill out all over the concrete. Crawford happens to be standing right outside the window when the bloody murder takes place.

Round 2 of an amazing fight takes place as Jack waits to jump Hannibal and brutally beats the shit out of him! Excuse the language, but the fight is plain epic! Jack throws Hannibal through several glass displays and then digs a hook through his lower leg. Hannibal doesn’t let up on the cold taunts at all until Jack pitches him out of a freakin’ window! Amazingly Hannibal manages to use Pazzi’s hanging corpse to mostly break the fall.

Hannibal is now at the weakest he’s ever been. He’s completely exposed now and while everyone is closing in on him, he’s simply delaying the inevitable. I can’t help but wonder what Chiyoh has up her sleeve and if she could shockingly be Hannibal’s saving grace. The exciting pace of the show has really picked up in the last two episodes so I can only see it getting better!