HANNIBAL 507: Digestivo Best Episode of Entire Series

hannibal will captured 2015 digestivo 507 recap

hannibal will captured 2015 digestivo 507 recapDigestivo is being hailed as the best episode of not just season 3 of “Hannibal,” but the entire series! There are so many surprising moments that take your breath away, it kept you literally on the edge of your seat the entire time. In the opening of the episode, you’re reminded that good ol’ Mason Verger paid off the the police to capture Hannibal. The police interrupted Hannibal sawing off Will’s head and decided to take both of them to get double the money. The police decide to kill Jack when a shocking gun shot comes careening through the window killing the officers ready to do damage.But who did that? It’s the kick-ass Chiyoh! She doesn’t seem that concerned when Jack tells her Hannibal and Will have been sent to Muskrat farm, she simply leaves.

Margot expresses to Alana that she is concerned they won’t have enough time to get Verger before he kills Will and Hannibal. Alana reminds Margot her brother is a sadist so therefore they have time to enact their plan. Verger informs Cordell while Will and Hannibal hang upside down with the pigs, that Hannibal needs to be fattened up for consumption. Mason thinks he’s informing Alana that Jack is dead back in Florence, but she is actually the one telling him that Jack is very much alive. After Mason asks if Alana is breaking his trust, she changes the subject by saying that Mason really shouldn’t play with his food because Hannibal is always “playing.”

From this point on, the show just grows batshit crazy! When Mason has Hannibal and Will strapped to their chairs during dinner, the banter is priceless. Mason taunts Hannibal for not being able to eat Will. Hannibal humorously replies by comparing Mason to Jezebel in the bible because a dog ate off her face off. Mason in all his sadism reveals that he is going to wear Will’s face as he eats Hannibal. Can this dude get anymore screwed up? Why yes, yes he can! Hannibal seems to be concerned about how he will be eaten. He gives a devilish smile the entire time. Hannibal is not phased one bit. Oh, but Will is!  He takes a big bite out of Cordell’s cheek. Eating Will won’t be easy!

will with hannibal digestivo 2015Hannibal continues to show increasing delight at the thought of being eaten and Cordell assures him he will be eaten with perfection! Switch to Mason and something sinister beyond belief is going on. Mason tells his sister Margot he knows that she is an item with with Alana, but he has other plans. His sick ass still wants to have a baby with his sister so he informed her that he did in fact, take her eggs and put it in a segregate. He also informs her she needs to be psychologically prepared for who the surrogate is. My stomach took a big leap with that one. Could he have secretly impregnated her lover Alana?

digestivo mason recap 507 hannibal 2015Will slowly convinces Alana that letting Mason torture Hannibal is not the right way to go. They are the good guys and to sink to his level would make them the bad guys. One of the most shocking things in the show’s history happened when we saw that the “verger baby” was a dead baby sowed in to one of his prize pigs. It was a sicking, heart breaking  scene. That’s it! Alana and Margot decide they must free Hannibal and with that all hell breaks loose. In a glorious macabre scene, the pair shoves Mason in to a pool with an eel that stuffs its way inside his mouth while killing him. It left me sitting there with my mouth open…and quickly closing it!

Hannibal rescues Will from the clutches of the murderous side man to Mason, Cordell. Before he does that, he kills Cordell and sows his face to Mason’s before he is killed by the two women. It’s another sickening surprise. So is the revelation that Alana and Margot got Mason’s sperm by using a cattle prod and as soon as she has a baby she can now take over everything he has! Big score for the ladies!

Hannibal digestivo recap images 2015As Hannibal drags Will’s lifeless body through the snow, Chiyoh pops up again and picks off Mason’s guards with her high powered rifle. Gotta love this girl! Hannibal and Will sit in home where they have a very intimate conversation. Like a breakup between lovers, Will completely dismisses Hannibal by telling him he will no longer miss him or think about him.He is completely over Hannibal.

This time, after Hannibal tried to crack his skull open with a saw, I believe Will is truly done.

Hannibal’s feelings however, are clearly hurt and leaves like a broken school girl. Jack Crawford shows up on Will’s doorstep with a fleet full of cops. As soon as Will turns to inform Jack that Hannibal is gone, Hannibal surrenders himself.

Hannibal captured by police digestivo 507 2015What the hell? So, now that the cat and mouse game is truly over between Will and Hannibal, Hannibal no longer want to be free? This is crazy. By the end of the season I’m expecting for Hannibal and Will to patch things up and have a prison wedding. These two have one hell of a sick love story.

This episode signaled the first half of season 3 being over and it went off with a bang. I did complain about how slow the beginning of the season was and I hoped it would pick up. Boy did it ever! I’m not very happy about Hannibal being banished to Saturday nights and just as this season is picking up steam, network television really sucks. Next week we get to see Hannibal behind bars and meet the Red Dragon. We Fannibals just can’t wait!