ZOOLANDER 2 Just A Big Tease

zoolander 2 trailer images 2015

zoolander 2 trailer images 2015The trailer for the highly anticipated sequel “Zoolander 2″ has surfaced on the Internet and while it doesn’t show any footage from the actual movie, it does however reveal that we can expect the same over-the-top comedy from male model Derek Zoolander. You can check it out below.

Derek, who is played by Ben Stiller, starred in the first Zoolander as a model near the end of his career, which gets brainwashed into assassinating the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

This sequel brings fans back to the world of Derek Zoolander, but now 10 years after the setting of the previous film. The movie stars many of the original cast members, including: Owen Wilson, Christine Taylor and Will Ferrell. However, there will be some new faces appearing in the film, such as: Penelope Cruz, Kristen Wiig, and Cyrus Arnold.

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The promoters of the film have also revealed that there will be cameos by several big names, including Willie Nelson and Justin Bieber.

Even if the film is another failed attempt by Hollywood to cash in on a successful franchise, with a Bieber cameo the film makers have at least secured ticket purchases by the slew of “Beliebers” who will be drawn to the movie. And most likely the slew of people who are hoping Justin just makes a big ass out of himself in the movie.

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The teaser that has been released starts off with a Stephen Hawking-esque narrator talking about all sorts of scientific things (Big Bang, human brain, etc.) For about one-minute, it shows different aspects of the galaxy and the anatomy of the human brain that probably fooled a few people into thinking they were watching a trailer for a TedTalks or Discovery Channel documentary.

Although for the most part the beginning of the trailer exudes science, math and everything you wouldn’t expect from a Zoolander movie, if you pay close attention there all hidden elements of the trademark dumbness that is expected from the franchise. Intertwined in the scientific visuals are statements such as “3 + 4 = 34.” “E= M C (Hammer), and the definition for “Eugoogly” (which by the way is Zoolander slang for eulogy). Somehow I don’t think Stephen Hawking would lend his voice to the facts scrawling across the screen…

It then abruptly transitions into “the one question that has puzzled mankind since the beginning of time:” “If God exists, then why did he make ugly people?”

And finally there he is, in all his “blue-steel” glory, Derek Zoolander.

Derek, the dimwitted model, then tries to establish the title that the sequel will go by. First, is 2oolander, in which the model asks, “Two-hundred-lander? I don’t spell my name with a two.” Next is Zoolander II, but again confused the model refers to the “complicated” Roman numerals saying, “But I’m not Italian.”

It seems the movie will fall under the title Zoolander 2, ensuring that the movie’s star model can fully comprehend the sequel’s name.

Ben Stiller will once again direct the movie, with help from actor Justin Theroux who also co-wrote the script. Since the 2001 release of the first Zoolander, Stiller has furthered his directing experiencing with films such as Tropic Thunder and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Although the first movie only grossed about $60 million at the box office worldwide, it has become a comedy classic and has even been recognized as a cult movie. With the big names added to the cast, this movie will likely pull in big crowds at its early 2016 release.

The film has already gained major hype as some of the stars have been embodying their humorous characters in order to market the upcoming film. Most notably when Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson strutted their stuff in the middle of Paris Fashion Week. Seeing the two stars “modeling” amongst high-fashion models earned them plenty of exposure and even Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour got in on the marketing action.

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Zoolander was definitely a standout when it comes to the over-the-top comedy that it relies on throughout the movie. With a lot of big names joining in for the second one, I am hopeful that there will be enough comedic brains working together to once again pull off the wit that was present within the first film. However, unfortunately even comedians on the top of their game sometimes can’t save a sequel.

Nonetheless, I am predicting it will be a box-office hit based on the fact that it has gained so much hype already.

Since the film isn’t set to be released until February 12, 2016, there will most likely be a few more trailers released that give audiences an idea of the premise behind the sequel and re-introduce them to the notorious creator of the “blue steel,” Derek Zoolander.
Zoolander 2 Teaser Trailer