HANNIBAL 309: Woman Clothed With the Sun Recap

hannibal 309 recap images woman sun 2015

hannibal 309 recap images woman sun 2015This episode of “Hannibal took a bit of a slower pace than the last few episodes, but it was no less thrilling. We get to see more of how everyone in this crazy cast of characters is dong on an emotional level years after Hannibal’s capture. While everyone seems to be getting back on solid ground, the scars are still there. In the last episode, the only person we were left a bit in the dark about is Margo. During a reuniting and sit down with Will, Alana reveals that they eventually had a verger baby (which she carried) and because of that Margo inherited all her brother’s money. Isn’t that sweet? We can only hope that baby doesn’t become a psychotic bastard like her brother. We now know exactly where everyone is at this stage in the season. So why is there a feeling hovering around like nothing will ever be stable.

Most likely, nothing ever will be.

When Will goes to see Hannibal for the first time in years, Hannibal comes across as quite catty. He accuses Will of using cheap aftershave and seems very upset that Will now has a child. He states that he tried to give Will a child. Hannibal comes across as bitter and angry that his life with a partner in crime including Will did not work out. Will does not have time for Hannibal’s seemingly petty ways (something you would not expect from him) and asks him to read the files. Because Will is the one asking, Hannibal does.

We’re then treated to a flashback between Hannibal and Abigail. Although this one added value to the show, the next series of flashbacks including the two felt a bit forced and more like a time waster. In this flashback, we see Hannibal draining Abigail’s blood and spraying it across the room to make it look as if she was killed in the house. Even though Abigail and Hannibal seemed to have a father/daughter relationship, this scene is extremely erotic. Blood and eroticism, typical Hannibal style!

We are then shown Will and Alana reuniting. After the reveal of Alana’s new family, she expresses her concern of Hannibal sucking Will back in to the darkness once again. It’s clear that process has already started. As Will talks to Hannibal again in what must be the best jail cell on earth, Hannibal draws deep and cruel parallels between the Tooth Fairy killer and Will. He says that both are shy and have a need for a family. While this is true, what he says next is down right mean: Will and TF only want a ready-made family because they know better not to breed.


Alana takes the fight to Hannibal and tells him that if he goes to far with Will, she will take his dignity, hisbooks, his drawings, his toilet.

That would make me stop.

Francis Dolarhyde, in a chilling sequence, is seen screaming and contorting his body while becoming eager to complete his next murder. While his screaming reaches a pitch, we see the camera pull back and a dragon tail is revealed. Will figures out and lets Jack know that the link between the two families Dolarhyde has murdered is that they even though they are states apart, they are both happy. He kills the wealthy families not because of their money, but because they’re generally happy. Freddie Lounds approaches Will at the crime scene and he is very annoyed by her presence as he didn’t appreciate being called “Murder Husbands.” Freddie simply states that they did run off Europe together. In typical Freddie fashion, she threatens Will with bad publicity if she doesn’t use him. It’s left up in the air whether he actually does or not.

Dolarhyde is excited to read in on of Freddie’s articles that his hero is helping to catch him. My favorite part of the show was when Dolarhyde meets Reba Mclane played by the ultra talented Rutina Wesley. She’s a blind archivist who softens Dolarhyde right away. He is so taken with her that he actually indulges in a full conversation with her. He even offers her a ride home when he sees her sitting at the bus stop. Reba urges him not to worry about her. He said he isn’t worried and just wants her to ride with him “for his pleasure.” It’s very creepy, but he’s doing his best to be a normal human being.

It’s strange that she would feel so comfortable with Dolarhyde right away. She invited him inside for pie for goodness sake. It’s clear Reba has a good heart and has spent much of her life teaching children with speech and vision impairments. We learn that she feel comfortable with him because he treats her with no pity. She also feels no pity from him as she gets way too much of it from the outside world. When Reba asks to touch his face to see if he’s smiling, he grabs her hand and says “he’s smiling.”

For someone clearly so devoid of emotion this is truly a breakthrough moment.

Another breakthrough is when Will and his wife Molly exchange sexual innuendo and we see Will laughing. In 3 seasons we’ve never seen him truly laugh out of joy until now. The end of the show has one big surprise left. Hannibal in his lavish room receives a call from what is said to be his “attorney.” Come to find out, it’s from Francis Dolarhyde. This feels like a bit of a stretch as I’d think his phone calls would be highly screened.

Overall, this may not have had many twists and turns, but it was insightful and very engaging in its artistic story telling from beginning to end.