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windows 10 upgrade or else nothing 2015

Windows 10: Upgrade or Else? Plus How To Get Rid of that Nag

Windows 10 is just around the corner and Microsoft is urging everyone to upgrade. What’s great is that the upgrade will be free for most Windows 7 and Windows 8 users within the first year of Windows 10’s release.
windows 10 adding biometrics to make passwords obsolete

Goodbye Passwords, Hello Windows 10

Windows 10 shows much promise. Many see it as what Windows 8 should have been. In my honest opinion, if it’s as fast and responsive as Windows 8 then it’s a real keeper.
hadron collider back in business 2015

Large Hadron Collider Back In Business

Dan Brown made the Large Hadron Collider famous in his book Angels & Demons, but most people didn't realize that it had actually been shut down for two years. Now it's back in business and ready to put that rift back up between science and religion.
usb type c connector board 2015

Will USB Type-C Crossover To PC From Apple MAC & Should You Care

There is no doubt that USB is one of the most common types of connection that we see between computer and peripherals and it is an abbreviation that will be recognised by almost anyone who owns a computer.
iwatch wrist watching back in style again 2015 images

Wrist Watching Back in Style?

Before cellphones, the best way to tell time was to look at our wrists. It was a time when most people strutted around with a wristwatch. The more stylish, more colorful, the better with many professionals hoping to score a Rolex someday.
microsoft band vs apple watch who will win watch wars

Microsoft Band vs Apple Watch: Who Will Win Watch Wars?

The wearable tech market is no doubt still in its infancy with several companies grappling for the top position whilst also trying to figure out the real benefit that wearable tech is going to bring to the consumer and thus how to position themselves and their products accordingly.
anti tech backlash hitting cities 2015

Is the Anti-Tech Backlash Real or Just a Few Paranoid People Making Noise?

There’s a rumor that we are about to experience a major anti-technology backlash. One which will result from another economic bubble much like the dotcom crash that happened at the turn of the millennium.
samsung galaxy s7 folds 2015

Do you really need that new smartphone?

The smartphone is one of the most successful pieces of consumer tech and has been for quite some time. Despite the original intention for the mobile phone being a very simple one, the device has evolved into its current form and is a necessity for the average adult.
digital drivers license helpful or easy hack 2015

Digital Drivers License: Helpful Or Another Easy Hack?

As the capabilities of modern technology improve and as more and more people become connected to the Internet we are seeing more and more services moving from physical to virtual, and such is the case with the digital drivers license.
windows 10 bringing a lot to gaming xbox pc 2015

What Windows 10 Will Bring To Gaming

Windows 10, the latest version of the popular Windows operating system is well on its way along the production line and with the public technical preview soon to be closing off, the operating system is nearing its final stages of development with an intended launch coming this summer.