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nsa winding down phone record collection for now 2015

NSA Phone Records Collection On Hold For Now

The federal government's bulk collection of phone records via the National Security Agency (NSA) may have been blocked in the House, don't expect this to suddenly stop.
candy crush saga coming to windows 10 2015

Windows 10 Just Got Sweeter

Some casual Windows games have the reputation of being addictive. If there was one PC game that’s most played, it would be Solitaire. Other addicting Windows past times include Hearts, Freecell, Spider Solitaire, Minesweeper, Microsoft Plus’ Lose Your Marbles and Windows 95’s Space Pinball.
google project fi transforming telecom industry 2015

Google Project Fi – Another Slice in the Wireless Carrier Pie

Google’s Project Fi is a dream come true for mobile phone users in the United States. No longer will users be tied to any specific mobile network whose reliability drops depending on where the user is.
nsa collecting more information than they know how to use 2015

NSA: Too Much Data, Not Much Information

The infamous National Security Agency, according to another whistleblower (other than Snowden?) is stocked with more data than it can handle and it’s still stocking more.
google glass redux still alive 2015

Google Glass Redux & Windows 10’s Many Faces

Google’s Eric Schmidt said last February that Google Glass isn’t dead yet when the company pulled the controversial eyewear off the market last January. Many assumed the end of the controversial eyewear at the pullout but according to Google, Glass was only entering its next phase.
oculus rift delayed again 2015

Delayed Again: Will There Still be a Spot for Oculus Rift When it Ships?

Oculus Rift has been with us since 2012, filling gamers and niche app developers with anticipation of what can be possible with the refined Oculus Rift Consumer Edition. DK2 and its apps from indie developers have already produced stunning results and gamers are already salivating.
facebook backlash on internet 2015

Is the backlash against Facebook’s free internet service valid?

The founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has recently faced a public onslaught culminating in an open letter from 65 advocacy organisations spanning 31 countries in response to a project called
how is cloud affecting personal computer 2015 tech

How will the cloud change personal computers?

Over the last couple of years we have seen the adoption of cloud computing within the business sector and we have seen it change the computing landscape drastically.
project elysium cashes in on afterlife 2015

Good Grief! Cashing in on the Afterlife

In Russell Crowe’s Gladiator, while Maximus fights Commodus to the death, due to a mortal wound, Maximus sees visions of a wall, and then a wooden door leading to lush green fields where his family awaits. That place was Elysium, the Roman version of heaven.
microsoft 10 deadline approaching 2015

Will Microsoft Get Windows 10 to 11th Hour Deadline?

Summer is fast approaching and Microsoft is still busy tweaking Windows 10. Will Microsoft make their Windows 10 deadline? Can they actually ship a satisfactory working product to individuals and businesses willing to immediately adopt their new OS?

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