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police smiling arresting protestor 2015

When Truth & Justice Becomes Big Business

Nowadays, the truth often hurts and justice can be costly. It hurts that the very persons who are sworn to serve and protect the people are the ones who cause harm. When justice is denied, it hurts so much that frustrated people take to the streets to demand truth and justice, but end up causing more harm and damage thus becoming costly.
cloud computing shaping technology future 2015

How Cloud Computing is shaping the future of technology

The term “cloud computing” is probably one of the most commonly mentioned buzz words in technology today. Many people misunderstand its meaning and it often brings to mind data literally being thrown up into the air which in turn creates distrust in the concept.
dot com bubble burst 2.0

Dot Com 2.0 Coming Soon?

Big business begins with a great idea, such as the ability to send messages that delete themselves after a few seconds or the ability to call a freelance driver through a mobile app to take you anywhere. That idea is refined, then presented, feasibility-checked and then capitalized.
cloud computing 2015

The Future Of Cloud Computing Is Cloudy

Every minute of every day there are new applications being launched that provide services to us via the cloud. From photograph storage and printing to social media to managing and performing transactions almost everything we do today on our computers is managed, stored and run from within this ever growing cloud that we all know so well but understand so little about.
apple watch vs android wear 2015

Android Wear is Something Apple Should Watch Out For

Many iPhone users, mainly Apple fans and early adopters should have their Apple Watches by now. Despite encouraging buyers to go online for their Apple Watch, many Apple faithful still flocked to Apple stores and distributors to get theirs.
jay z tidal music with beyonce kanye west 2015

Apple Beats Down on Jay Z’s Tidal Wave

Is Jay Z’s Tidal music service in Apple’s crosshairs? Will it make waves later on or will Apple turn it into just another wave in the ocean? According to music industry insiders Apple wants Tidal’s waves to weaken before it comes ashore and take a bite out of iTunes like Spotify.
protecting tablets from malware and hackers 2015

How To Make Your Tablet Hacker & Malware Proof

According to figures from there are now more than 1 billion tablet users worldwide – that makes up a staggering 15% of the global population. With the sheer number of users surfing the Internet from their tablets it’s no surprise that they are now becoming the target of hackers.
microsoft spartan now called edge tech 2015

Microsoft Takes the Edge Off

If there’s one thing Microsoft is consistent in, its failure in nomenclature. It just announced that its new web browser, Project Spartan will officially be named Edge. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t seem good enough.
windows 10 helping make pcs have comeback 2015 tech

Will PCs Make a Comeback Through Windows 10?

We know PC sales have taken a nosedive in the current tablet/smartphone era. Back then, PC sales surged due to the fact that to get to the internet, a desktop or laptop computer was required but now, consumers find that all they really needed was a light tablet or a good smartphone in order to browse the internet or communicate through social media.
taser police cameras in 16 cities now 2015

Police Cameras Now In 16 Major Cities

With the seeming increase of police violence this past year, Taser recently announced that its police cameras have been sold to and are being used in 16 major cities. It will be interesting to see if this helps bring down all of the unnecessary shootings and deaths that have been quite the scourge of police officers all over the country.

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