Ashley Madison Down, Donald Trump to Go for Impact Team

ashley madison team impack hack now on donald trump 2015

ashley madison down donald trump with impact team hack 2015 techAshley Madison is immoral. That’s what the hacker group, Impact Team trumpeted when they hacked in, stole almost ten gigabytes of cheater data and posted it on the web for all the nosy neighbors to see. That’s a ton of gossip material right there. So, while they’re at it, they might as well mosey over to Republican potential candidate Donald Trump’s personal files due to allusions of Nazism. We all hate Nazis, don’t we?

Everybody by now knows what the Donald’s deal is. He wants to run for president but the man clearly doesn’t like illegal immigrants. Nothing wrong with that, but despite the wide variety of nationalities illegally staying in the United States, he’s focusing on those from Mexico and other parts of Latin America. He could have been given a bad taco or burrito some time in his life from an immigrant food truck that resulted in him nuking one of his towers. The man doesn’t like the idea of free trade if his or his people’s expertise isn’t involved. He’s no fan of Obamacare either and one of his first acts if elected would be to get rid of it. Now, he’s accused of being a Nazi due to his stance on deporting millions of illegal immigrants and his focus on one minority. His former wife even suggested that he had a book of Adolf Hitler’s speeches which he reads while in bed. Trump did admit he was given Mein Kampf by a friend. Not sure whether or not he’s been reading both but a book of speeches could explain his talent for charismatic orations.

The best leaders are often the best orators. Someone who could give a rallying cry, whether it’s right or wrong and make the people follow. Someone who doesn’t use Teleprompters or written speeches on the podium but someone who could speak his mind and speak on the go. That’s one quality of smart people or at least intelligent ones. There’s a fine line between intelligence and wisdom. Whether smart or intelligent, they often have solutions to problems. And as Donald Trump says, America has problems. A lot of it, and that he’s the solution. Now Adolf Hitler, often known first and foremost as a genocidal maniac, is one of the smart ones. Remove the crazy bit and he’s someone to be admired. He could have been a great artist if he didn’t leave art school. He could have been a great stage actor if he tried the trade. He managed to rally a country fresh from a devastating defeat of World War I and turned it around and managed to take over much of Europe except for the British Isles. Very few people can do that within 20 years. That’s due to great practiced speeches and a charismatic personality. Napoleon did the same for France and many dub him as crazy as Hitler himself. The French emperor was short too.

Aside from Hitler’s book of speeches and Mein Kampf, what else does Donald Trump have in common with the former German dictator? No mustache there, and he’s probably not going to crop his infamous hair any time soon. If he can’t touch the Jewish, he’ll go after illegal immigrants, especially Mexicans who illegally cross the border. Like the Fuhrer, he’s allegedly setting up a racial scapegoat to blame for America’s problems. And like the Fuhrer, he’s into charismatic speeches and convincing rallying cries; saying what everyone wants to hear and characteristically, what some people don’t like to hear and making them seem right; earning jeers and cheers from everyone present. And also, like Hitler, he has a track record of turning things around. He’s filed for Chapter 11 on some of his businesses but he’s still on a high horse, ready to fund his campaign personally if necessary.

To be fair, shipping illegal immigrants on box cars like Hillary Clinton says isn’t the Donald’s Final Solution. Just part of it, he actually wants them to walk home. But he’s actually into immigrants (His first one divorced him though); the good ones he calls them. Trump also says he’s not into racism though he got sued for that as well. He just wants to remove illegals who he thinks are viruses, doing illegal stuff that are crippling the country. Illegal is illegal after all. Business is business and good business is often black and white (we’re talking about ink and paper here). You can’t have strangers in your establishment unless they’re customers or suppliers. He wants to run America like a business with everyone as working employees and employees need documents. Simple enough.

Like many politicians, Trump is promising more jobs, for Americans of course by promising to take back manufacturing from China, Mexico and other countries. Here’s hoping he could bring back quality to the tech industry by raising tariffs of ten-dollar tablets and phones from China. He wants to strengthen America’s ever-shrinking military and we also can’t wait to see how he plans to deal with ISIS. He promises to turn the economy around and shave off some of America’s massive debt before everyone speaks Greek. He wants to get rid of the travesty called Common Core. He wants to simplify taxation and make it easier and faster for Americans to pay taxes. As a businessman, he could probably pull them off as long as he’s not hobbled by Congress.

Trump’s position as one of America’s top businessmen, his celebrity status and most of his political aims seem downright appealing. Make America great again, is his catchphrase. Not bad. But one thing stands out, his stance on illegal immigrants which focuses on a particular minority which no doubt stirs up memories about a particular fascist leader. It would be interesting what his thoughts would be on the Syrian refugee crisis, let alone the dozens of Mexican children found along the border who are also refugees from drug and gang-war-torn Mexico. How would he differentiate a refugee seeking asylum from an illegal immigrant?

If racial bias and persecution are included in the Impact Team’s list of immoral acts, then Donald Trump may need to keep his Trump Servers secure. He’ll need to keep an eye out for Danny Trejo as well. As the current number one Republican contender, the NSA might be busy in those servers too. Many lauded what the Impact Team did to Ashley Madison. Anyone against Trump could be rooting for the Impact Team right now, hoping the businessman would be next on their sights and expose any dark secrets he didn’t include in The Art of the Deal.