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2015 Year In Tech Review

Time flies but time flies much faster in the tech world. That iPhone 6 Plus you bought last year will feel like a relic once the iPhone 7 gets released come 2016. For many, Microsoft’s surprising Windows 10 conference last January still feels like yesterday.

Ashley Madison Down, Donald Trump to Go for Impact Team

Everybody by now knows what the Donald’s deal is. He wants to run for president but the man clearly doesn’t like illegal immigrants. Nothing wrong with that, but despite the wide variety of nationalities illegally staying in the United States, he’s focusing on those from Mexico and other parts of Latin America.

The Moral of the Ashley-Madison Story

9.7 Gigabytes of information from 37 million or so cheaters are out there right now. Data of people who cheat on their spouses or partners at least once or at least tried to, thanks to the hacking group known as the Impact Team. That data was taken from the online cheating website Ashley Madison.

Ashley Madison Hack Forces Josh Duggar & Others To Face the Music

Ashley Madison has become a household name thanks to hackers who leaked the personal information of its members. Marketed as a place for married people to get “your knocks off,” it is a kind of delicious playground of forbidden fruit.

Christian YouTube Star Found Salvation In Ashley Madison

Josh Duggar wasn’t the only celebrity to be caught using Ashley Madison, a cheating site designed to connect people up to have affairs.

Josh Duggar’s Ashley Madison Confession & One Direction’s Zayn Malik Diss

One Direction sparked some feud rumors after they posted a “Throwback Thursday” picture on their Twitter of a screenshot from their music video for “Steal My Girl.”

37 Million Cheaters Exposed

The adultery-centered dating site Ashley-Madison has been breached and 37 million customers are in danger of being exposed. That’s a lot of cheaters. In other news, flower and jewelry shops are accepting pre-orders expecting a potential customer increase.

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