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Donald Trump’s temporary cease fire with China tariffs

Donald Trump was happy to have good news as his tariff war with China has reached a temporary stall.

Donald Trump gun control, trade, and China fact finder

After an intense week which put the gun violence issue back on the radar, President Donald Trump presented two sides of himself. One was...

Donald Trump’s attack on Robert Mueller fact check

Donald Trump quickly pounced on Robert Mueller when it was announced he would be testifying before Congress. Here are the facts behind this.

Donald Trump vs Barack Obama fact check

Donald Trump has been passing much blame along to Barack Obama nearly three years later. Here are the facts behind Trumps facts.

Getting Donald Trump’s facts right on North Korea, Iran, and tariffs

As Donald Trump tries to distance himself from his 'open for business' comments on ABC News, he spouts new facts that don't add up. Here are the real facts.

FCC bill blocks spam robocalls plus Huawei offers US a tech warning

The FCC stepped up Thursday giving phone companies permission to block spam robocalls and Huawei warned the US about their tech fight.

Donald Trump Mexico tariffs deadline inspires talks

As Donald Trump's tariff threat on Mexico deadline comes close, more talks continue to find a solution.

China creates own ‘basket of deplorables’ list after Donald Trump’s Huawei ban

China is escalating Donald Trump's trade war ban on tech giant Huawei with a list of unreliable companies in America.

Donald Trump serious about Mexico immigration tariffs plus Pentagon slaps back

Donald Trump swears he's deadly serious about the Mexico tariffs to stamp out immigration plus the Pentagon slaps back at the president for the John McCain warship mess.

Frustrated Donald Trump disappoints all but Stephen Miller with Mexico Tariff

Stephen Miller is the only person in America happy with Donald Trump's decision to slap a 5 percent on Mexico helping to push America closer to a recession.

China raises stakes in US trade war dangling Beijing plus Nancy Pelosi hits Facebook

China is upping the ante in their trade was with Donald Trump using Beiging's exotic minerals plus Nancy Pelosi hits back at Facebook keeping slur video.

Donald Trump, China prepare for a long trade war: Farmers get $16 billion bailout

As the Dow had dropped around 400 points Thursday, Donald Trump is scrambling knowing that his trade war with China has no end in...

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