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Samsung Galaxy Fold breaks for some while Amazon ends YouTube battle

Samsung's pricey Galaxy Fold smartphones are beginning to break already, Amazon and Google end YouTube feud and Drones helping flood victims.

Apple, Qualcomm settle iPhone dispute as billions won’t solve broadband issue

Tech giants Apple and mobile chip maker Qualcomm have decided to drop and settle a blockbuster financial dispute centered on some of...

Samsung Galaxy Fold: What you need to know

Samsung is about to unleash its Galaxy Fold smartphone phablet, but is it something you really need? Here's our breakdown.

Why Simple Games Remain Popular at Online Casinos

Complicated online video games always sound great, but have you ever noticed it's the simpler games that are always the most popular?

FCC, Donald Trump 5G push plus Facebook, Instagram recover

Donald Trump and FCC decide to go 5G in a big way while Facebook, Instagram have third major outage in 2019.

Europe rewrites copyright rules; it will affect everyone

Europe is giving their copyright reform a refresh with the addition of Article 13 that will affect YouTube, Facebook and what you share with friends on social media.

Facebook tackles hate speech again while Democrats go AI

Facebook takes another stab at fighting fake news and hate speech while Democrats look into AI face recognition.

Net Neutrality passes house while live online tv prices jump

Democrats passed the controversial net neutrality bill in Congress on Wednesday, but Mitch McConnell said it would be dead on arrival in the Senate.

UK steps up oversight on social media

While the UK struggles with Brexit, they are stepping up oversight on social media to stop terrorists, criminal gangs and sexual predators from running amok.

Google’s ‘Ethical AI’ not ready for primetime

After Google was forced to end their AI ethics board after controversy erupted with board members, tech giants are now wondering how to deal with this.