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Oracle influence on third antitrust suit could hurt Google

Oracle has been working behind the scenes getting antitrust suits moving on Google and it might hurt the tech giant. Fitbit merger with Google hits a snag.

Warner Bros. gives ‘Furiosa,’ ‘Color Purple’ 2023 release dates as ‘Monster Hunter’ tops briefly

Monster Hunter briefly topped the box office and Warner Bros announces Furiosa, Coyote vs Acme, The Color Purple theatrical release dates in 2023.

Understanding 2021 Social Media Influencer Marketing Trends

Social media influencing is changing 2021, but here 6 big tips on how to become an influencer.

FTC zeroes in on tech giants biz model as Facebook cashes in on Georgia elections

Social media giants business model under Federal scrutiny while Facebook allows ads in George campaign.

Solarwinds spotlight drops price while Russian cyberattack sends U.S. agencies scrambling

A massive Russian cyberattack put Solarwinds in the spotlight it didn't want while U.S. agencies are scrambling to remedy any damage. Donald Trump says nothing about Russia's antics.

Hottest 6 Luxury Gift Watches for 2021: Men and Women

Watches will always be a statement piece and we chosen our top 6 luxury timepieces of 2021 that will make the perfect holiday gift.

Benefits of breaking some family holiday traditions

As we get older, family holiday traditions can become overbearing. Here are some ideas of how you can change these while keeping the holiday spirit alive.

Top 40 Spiritual Holiday Gifts for All Beliefs

Finding that perfect gift for the spiritual person in your life can be hard so we've broken down the Top 40 best holiday gifts for all beliefs.

Disney Plus onslaught begins with $7 increase, Netflix begins heavy advertising campaign

Netflix has been doing more advertising now that Disney has announced it's enormous Disney Plus streaming schedule. We break down everything for you.

Upcoming Games to Look Forward to

2020 has been an exciting year for gamers as Sonys PS5 console came out along with Microsofts X Box Series X. Find out what else to get excited about.

Stevie Nicks, Bob Dylan lead rockers selling off publishing rights and making a bundle!

Stevie Nicks and Bob Dylan are part of the groundswell of veteran rockers selling off their music catalogs. Here is why they are doing this.

Christopher Nolan leads charge versus Warner Bros, Netflix leaves ‘The Crown’ as is

Christopher Nolan is leading the charge against Warner Bros putting movies out on HBOMax, and Netflix won't be changing The Crown.

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