2015 Outlandish NFL Record Predictions

2015 outlandish nfl record 2015 images

2015 outlandish nfl record 2015 imagesThe New England Patriots topped the Pittsburgh Steelers on NFL’s opening Thursday Night, kicking things off three weeks ago, so I guess I can’t wait much longer to give my updated predictions with injuries, trades, and additional information in mind. So, without further ado, here are my ridiculous and outlandish (and probably a lil’ bias) team-by-team record predictions for each NFL franchise:


Pittsburgh Steelers, 11-5: When Le’Veon Bell and Martavis Bryant come back, that offense is going to be scary.

Baltimore Ravens, 10-6: They’ll find a way. John Harbaugh always does.

Cincinnati Bengals, 10-6: Not like it’ll matter come playoff time.

Cleveland Browns, 4-12: I really want Johnny Manziel to do well, but he’ll be lucky to start. Bye bye Mike Pettine.


Indianapolis Colts, 11-5: You don’t need defense to beat the Titans and Jags twice a year. As long as Andrew Luck can split the difference with Houston, they’ll be just fine atop this division.

Houston Texans, 10-6: I really want to say they’ll win the division, but I’m not sure I trust the offense enough. Let’s see how Bryan Hoyer holds up and how quickly Arian Foster can get back.

Tennessee Titans, 4-12: Sorry Marcus, not a big fan.

Jacksonville Jaguars, 2-14: What else is new?


New England Patriots, 12-4: Gronk, Edelman, and an even more improved offensive line makes for a scary team.

Miami Dolphins, 9-7: Ndamukong Suh makes this a top-10 defense, Ryan Tannehill is coming along, and suddenly things look okay in Miami.

Buffalo Bills, 9-7: Love the defense, but Tyrod Taylor just doesn’t make for a good offense.

New York Jets, 6-10: Once again, loving the defense here. The offense on the other hand is worse off than Geno’s jaw.


Denver Broncos, 13-3: Peyton. Manning. And then C.J. Anderson in the new-look run offense. This best record comes with the assumptions that Wade Phillips does something which Jack Del Rio apparently couldn’t do—coach a talented defense.

Kansas City Chiefs, 9-7: This is still a good team, and once Peyton retires they should have no problem jumping to the top of the division.

San Diego Chargers, 7-9: I just don’t trust Philip Rivers to…well, not suck. Who knows, maybe he’ll prove me wrong.

Oakland Raiders, 5-11: Amari Cooper and Derek Carr will be cool, but it’s still the Raiders.


Green Bay Packers, 12-4: The loss of Jordy Nelson hurts, but this receiving corps is absolutely stacked. And Eddie Lacy. So yeah, they’ll be fine.

Minnesota Vikings, 10-6: I’m really excited to see Adrian Peterson and Teddy Bridgewater on the field together. So excited in fact that I just put them down as winning 10 games. Whoops.

Detroit Lions, 8-8: No matter how much talent they have, they always manage to screw everything up. With all the defensive losses, things definitely won’t get any better.

Chicago Bears, 3-13: I don’t like John Fox. Or Jay Cutler. Especially Jay Cutler.


New Orleans Saints, 9-7: As long as C.J. Spiller actually comes back this year. Drew Brees looks 2009-esque right now.

Carolina Panthers, 8-8: Kelvin Benjamin is a pretty big loss. Let’s see how Devin Funchess can step in.

Atlanta Falcons, 5-11: Bouncing back from the 32nd overall defense isn’t an easy process.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 5-11: At least you did better than Mariota, right Jameis?


Philadelphia Eagles, 10-6: This comes with a huge assumption: Sam Bradford stays healthy.

New York Giants, 9-7: Say what you want about Eli, I still believe he can do it.

Dallas Cowboys, 8-8: Unless Darren McFadden goes Arkansas on the Giants Sunday Night, I’m sticking with mediocrity in Dallas.

Washington Redskins, 4-12: Once again, what else is new?


Seattle Seahawks, 11-5: Defense still wins championships, but if the offense plays like it did preseason then the Cardinals will quickly jump to the throne in the West.

Arizona Cardinals, 9-7: Great defense and everything, but they just can’t get over the wall of the Seahawks.

St. Louis Rams, 9-7: Great defense, extremely tough division. At least they aren’t last this season.

San Francisco 49ers, 6-10: With all the defensive loss and without Jim Harbaugh, 6-10 is probably a bit generous.