2014 NFL Week 16 Recap: Johnny Manziel Injury Brings Down Browns & Colts Slip Showing

johnny manzeil injured brian hoyer bringing cleveland browns down nfl 2014 season images

blake bortles passes jascksonville jaguars balls to teneessee titans nfl 2014 images

Tennessee Titans 13 at Jacksonville Jaguars 21: Sometimes two bad teams can come together and have a good game, but this certainly wasn’t one of those. Blake Bortles was really poor through the air finishing with 115 yards, but he was able to pick up some chunks of yardage using his feet. Charlie Whitehurst actually did pretty well for the Titans, but it doesn’t really matter at this point.

philadelphia eagles mark sanchez bulge down by trevardo williams redskins nfl 2014 images

Philadelphia Eagles 24 at Washington Redskins 27: Apparently the Eagles and Cowboys swapped roles this season. The Cowboys look great in December, and the Eagles have absolutely tanked. On top of that, Mark Sanchez threw a Tony Romo (late fourth quarter interception); and then the defense yielded 20 yards to the Redskins in penalties giving Washington a late field goal to win the game. Just like that, the Eagles may find themselves sitting at home in January.

eddie royal san diego chargers beats down chris culliver san francisco 49ers 2014 nfl season images

San Diego Chargers 38 at San Francisco 49ers 35: Colin Kaepernick and Frank Gore ran all over the Chargers in the first half. In fact, the score was 28-7 at half time. Philip Rivers was awful with three interceptions. Then, for whatever reason, the 49ers just decided they didn’t want to win anymore. With a 21 point lead, the Niners gave up. Rivers was able to mount a comeback. An appropriate ending for the Niners after a disappointing season.

vikings teddy bridgewater feels up dolpohins ryan tannehill bugle nfl 2014 images season

Minnesota Vikings 35 at Miami Dolphins 37: This was by far the most entertaining game of the week and it had absolutely no playoff implications. Both Ryan Tannehill and Teddy Bridgewater played fantastic. This game actually came down to the very end. With the game tied, Minnesota went to punt and the Dolphins blocked it out the back of the end zone for the game winning safety. Highly recommend watching the highlight reel if you haven’t already.

New England Patriots v Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers 20 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3: Someone needs to explain to me why Aaron Rodgers is considered good. Every time I watch him I see an average quarterback with an extraordinary team around him. Rodgers was awful in Buffalo, and despite the stats he was unable to complete passes on third down in Tampa. (This is part of my JJMVP plea, sorry).

chicago bears benched jay cutler for jimmy clausen bugle 2014 nfl season images

Detroit Lions 20 at Chicago Bears 14: Well the Bears may have benched Jay Cutler, but Jimmy Clausen isn’t exactly a starting caliber quarterback. The Lions should have won this game by a lot more, but they really aren’t that good themselves. Cutler is starting next week in what most Chicago fans hope will be his final game as a Bear.

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints

Atlanta Falcons 30 at New Orleans Saints 14: Well this one wasn’t pretty for most of the game. The Saints returned the opening kickoff to the one yard line to set up a Mark Ingram touchdown. That was it. The Saints couldn’t get anything done the rest of the day. The Falcons didn’t get much either, but more than the Saints. It’s very sad that the Falcons and Panthers play Sunday for the division.

new york jets vs new england patriots 2014 nfl season images

New England Patriots 17 at New York Jets 16: The Jets blew their chance with another blocked field goal attempt. Please notice that without Julian Edelman on the field Tom Brady couldn’t even get 200 yards. Brady sucks without his superstar receiving core at full power. But, even he’s not as bad as the Jets.

pittsburgh steelers beat kansas city chiefs sexy nfl 2014 images

Kansas City Chiefs 12 at Pittsburgh Steelers 20: The only reason the Steelers won this game is because they found the end zone whereas the Chiefs had to settle for a bunch of field goals. These two teams are pretty evenly matched. It’s a shame the Chiefs won’t be in the postseason this year.

johnny manzeil injured brian hoyer bringing cleveland browns down nfl 2014 season images

Cleveland Browns 13 at Carolina Panthers 17: Johnny Manziel started this game; however that didn’t last very long. An injury knocked him out, but Brian Hoyer of course wasn’t much better. Now they’re both hurt. The Browns season is over, so it doesn’t really matter; but it just shows that this quarterback issue is far from settled in Cleveland.

ravens joe flacco bulges up with jj watt houston texans 2014 nfl season images

Baltimore Ravens 13 at Houston Texans 25: The Baltimore offensive line had no answer for J.J. Watt. Although Watt did not have any sacks in this game, he had seven tackles. While being double and triple teamed. So basically he stopped every single run that went his way. I point this out as one of my final two pleas for J.J.MVP. He also drew a holding penalty and caused an intentional grounding that was nearly a safety.

new york giants take out st louis rams 2014 nfl season images

New York Giants 37 at St. Louis Rams 27: Odell Beckham Jr. has me seriously wondering if Calvin Johnson has been replaced as the best wide receiver in the NFL. This guy is just amazing. He’s unstoppable. Despite missing the first six games of the season, ODB has earned Rookie of the Year and a trip to Hawaii in my eyes. Unfortunately he probably won’t receive either due to his late start. The Giants are suddenly a force to be reckoned with. Not even the Seahawks could stop this guy.

oakland raiders beat buffalo bills 2014 nfl season images

Buffalo Bills 24 at Oakland Raiders 26: Congrats to the Raiders on their third win of the season. They really fight hard for what they’ve accomplished. This victory shows that the Raiders are really just a few talented players away from being a decent team, and that the Bills biggest problem is playing outside of Buffalo. The team that crushed Green Bay lost to the Raiders. What.

dallas cowboys cole beasley loses helmut beating out colts 2014 nfl season images

Indianapolis Colts 7 at Dallas Cowboys 42: Hopefully Indianapolis fans finally miss Peyton. Sure Luck is pretty good, but he’s not a superstar. The Colts have been overrated for a while now and the Cowboys just exposed them.

seattle seahawks dance at beating arizona cardinals 2014 nfl season images

Seattle Seahawks 35 at Arizona Cardinals 6: I’ll keep this one short. This game was pretty close until the fourth quarter. The Seahawks have proved to me that they are the best team in the NFL. It looks like we’re going to see the first repeat Super Bowl champs since the Patriots cheated for 2003 and 2004.