Top 10 Best Scary Father’s Day Movies For Dad

eraserhead fathers day movies 2015eraserhead fathers day movies 2015

best twisted fathers day movies 2015 imagesIf you’re a horror lover right along with your dad, it might be a great idea to sit down with him this Father’s Day and watch a classic creepy father oriented movie. Here are 10 horror films that are great for celebrating even the evilest of Dads!

The Shining: This movie is a classic horror film and one of the best “father goes crazy” films of all time. A man moves his family to a large, empty hotel for a harsh winter as a caretaker and to give him peace to complete his next book. Slowly, the isolation drives the father mad (along with some particularly evil spirits from the hotel) and causes him to try and murder his entire family. Although the film is a butchered representation of the original Stephen King story it was supposed to be based on, it’s still a horror movie to be respected in its own right.