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Astron-6 Matt Kennedy, Conor Sweeney ‘Father’s Day’ classic Non-PC interview

Adam Brooks and Matthew Sweeney from Astron-6 classic interview talking about Father's Day and that video interview that became a cult classic.

Top 10 Father’s Day films plus one called ‘Father’s Day’

It’s Father’s Day again and here are some suggestions of films to watch with the family. These films belong in almost all genres.

10 Approval Winning Gifts Just in Time for Father’s Day

If you feel like you've let your father down over the years, you're probably right. Oh, were you expecting me to tell you it’s OK that you mooched off the man for 20 years while he avoided all fun in order to work 60 hour weeks?

Top 10 Best Scary Father’s Day Movies For Dad

If you’re a horror lover right along with your dad, it might be a great idea to sit down with him this Father’s Day and watch a classic creepy father oriented movie. Here are 10 horror films that are great for celebrating even the evilest of Dads!

Top 10 Movies To Watch On Father’s Day With Dad

Father’s Day is here, and if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to sit down and spend some time with dear-old-dad, why not pop in one of these heart-warming films to remind you just how precious the father/child relationship is?

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