Top 10 Father’s Day films plus one called ‘Father’s Day’

It’s Father’s Day again and here are some suggestions of films to watch with the family. These films belong in almost all genres. Not a fan of serious drama except maybe for one, so you won’t be seeing some of your favorites on this list. Let’s begin.

pursuit of happyness fathers day films mttg 2017

The Pursuit of Happyness – Not sure why Will Smith chose the spelling, but this is one good film. Ah, yes, it’s based on the book of the same name! This is a true-to-life story about a man down on his luck trying to raise his little boy. What could be more poignant than that? This is also a story of perseverance that everyone needs to see.

con air movie fathers day top 10

Con Air – This is one of my favorite films starring Nicholas Cage along with Face Off, 8mm and Ghost Rider. Why is it a Father’s day film? Well, it’s about a father trying to get home to his family. Well, you know the rest. He’s a bit of a douche putting his friend up the list of his priorities, but a soldier doesn’t leave a man behind right?

finding nemo fathers day movies top 10 mttgfinding nemo fathers day movies top 10 mttg

Finding Nemo – like Pursuit of Happyness, this Pixar animated film has earned several accolades including best-animated feature and best original screenplay. In case you were trapped on a desert island unaware that WWII has ended, this is a film about an overprotective father who searches the ocean for his lost son captured by a fish-loving dentist. This film never gets old unlike its sequel, Finding Dory.

incredibles fathers day movies top 10 mttg

Incredibles – funny how two Pixar films made it to this list. Pixar’s earlier films have really made a high note in Hollywood, and like Finding Nemo, this is a film with great replay value about a father trying to live his old superhero glory days amidst a world which outlaws superheroes. He loses touch with his family until they re-discover each other fighting a villain from his past out to destroy all the superheroes.

mrs doubtfire fathers day movies top 10 mttg

Mrs. Doubtfire – we remain saddened by the passing of Robin Williams and this film, while funny kind of freshens the pain a bit but it also brings us back to one of his best performances. In case you didn’t know, this is about a divorced father-actor who loves and wants to be with his kids so much that he resorts to acting as their maid and nanny. Sometimes, fathers would just do anything.

taken movie fathers day top 10 mttg

Taken – speaking of fathers who would do anything, this Liam Neeson blockbuster has an estranged father part special agent Bryan Mills do anything to get his kidnapped daughter back from human traffickers. The film became so popular that it became a trilogy. The next two installments weren’t as well received as the first though.

real steel fathers day top 10 movies mttg

Real Steel – we would describe this film as the robotic counterpart to the first Rocky film. It has mixed reviews for being predictable, but this film has the makings of a cult classic. It’s another film I watch through whenever I catch it on cable. This time, this is about an estranged father/former boxer and robot boxer owner saddled with the responsibility of being with his unwanted child. However, they bond through the sport of robot boxing with the help of a junked, older but sturdy robot they named Atom that takes them from the underground to the mainstream.

Click – is actually a good offering from Adam Sandler and Christopher Walken despite its mixed reviews. This is about a father too engrossed in his work and forgetting about his responsibilities to his wife and children. He finds this magic remote which is supposed to replace all the remote controls in the house which is a first world problem for everyone. The remote controls more than the TV and VCR and begins controlling his life moving him forward and forward in the future to the outcomes of his own uncaring decisions that he realizes he’s been missing out. This film teaches fathers that family comes first.

train to busan fathers day top 10 movies

Train to Busan – this is a strange entry in this list as it is the only foreign film and a horrific one at that. Train to Busan is a South Korean zombie apocalypse film which we highly recommend. Track this down. It has all the elements of Night of the Living Dead and 28 Days Later but is actually a story of another father too engrossed in his work to take care of his little girl. The zombie apocalypse occurs on the day he decides to take the girl to her mother in Busan South Korea. They have to survive a train ride in a train filled with fast-moving zombies and make it to Busan, the safe zone. There are actually two fathers here; the other one is quite cool. Watch it.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back / Return of the Jedi – this is actually two films but The Empire Strikes Back gives new meaning to the words ‘I am your father.’ Come on, should we further do an exposition? Guess not. Nuff said!

fathers day astron 6 movie

Father’s Day: Astron 6

If you’re looking for a little twisted movie on your dad’s special day, the guys at Astron-6 have one for you. It’s a great cult indie horror film that you won’t soon forget! Here’s what you can expect. Father’s Day follows the classic story we all grew up with: boy watches father raped and murdered, boy grows into a vengeful one-eyed man, man teams up with a priest and a male prostitute to take down his father’s killer.

It’s father’s day. Go to a mall, go fishing or cook some popcorn, grab a beer and watch these films with the family.