Tim Tebow Eagles Cut: 7 Reasons why it’s OK

tim tebow cut from eagles 2015 nfl

tim tebow cut from eagles 2015 nflTim Tebow’s NFL career has hit another wall. The latest team to tell the former Heisman winner and all around good guy to hit the road was the Philadelphia Eagles. Even the mad ‘x and o’ scientist Chip Kelly couldn’t come up with a formula that would make use of Tim Tebow’s abilities.

Or if he did, Tebow didn’t execute the plans properly.

That’s a real shame. All during training camp we kept hearing about how Kelly would use Tebow on two point conversions and throw him in the mix for short yardage situations. I even said Tebow would be perfect for these scenarios. I have always sung his praises for his ability to sniff out a goal line or first down marker.

But apparently being one of the best short yardage runners in the history of college football isn’t enough to stick in today’s NFL.

Even though today is a sad one for Tebow fans, there are a few silver linings, which I’ll get to.

Trust me, Timothy Richard Tebow is going to be just fine. I know there are little kids in Florida crying right now after waking to the news of their hero being cut from the Eagles. Probably even a few grown men shedding tears as well. I can envision entire sermons centered around Tebow, being preached in the Gainesville, Florida area.

Tebow himself is not going to sit around and moan the blues like some of his followers though. He had this to say via Twitter, “Thanks @Eagles and Coach Kelly for giving me the opportunity to play the game I love! Romans 8:28 #Blessed.

That sound like a man down on his luck to you?

Tim Tebow is going to keep moving forward, NFL paycheck or not. Here are seven reasons Tim Tebow being cut from Philadelphia’s roster isn’t the end of the world. Got to see the glass as half full, just like the man himself.

  1. Stephen Morris will get his shot at an NFL career. The Miami graduate was on Jacksonville’s practice squad last year and didn’t make their cut over the weekend. Most likely this young man won’t be around professional football in four years. However, he is more worthy than Tebow, who has had ample opportunity, but can’t stick anywhere he lands.
  1. Fans can find another hero on the field. There are plenty of good guys to root for, maybe not at Tebow level, but some can be found. Look around the NFL. Pick a guy that does great charitable works and get on his bandwagon.

You won’t be cheating on Tim Tebow. You guys can still follow his journey. It will just give you some closure on your NFL dream for your boy Tebow.

  1. The SEC Network gets a good commentator back. The man works hard, is likeable, and clearly has the name to get eyeballs on the screen. The network should benefit for years to come, as should Tebow himself.

Much easier on the brain to spit into a mic on Saturday than get whacked around on the field every Sunday.

  1. Chip Kelly can enjoy that sack of cash Goodell tossed at his feet to sign Tebow to ensure the preseason got plenty of extra attention, sorta like Deflategate. I’m just assuming this is the norm now. Can’t let there be any lag in NFL news. Sign Tebow, create weird air pressure controversy, crush the union, or whatever keeps the League ahead of every other sport in the news cycle. As if that’s even necessary.
  1. TV media may finally realize it’s over and cover worthy stories. This quote from Chip Kelly says it all. Notice the 3. “I think Tim’s really progressed,” Kelly said. “We just didn’t feel like he was good enough to be the ‘3’ right now.”
  1. Eagles players don’t have to contend with the Tebow hype. It may not seem like a big deal for a receiver to field Tebow questions. If it happened just once a week, then maybe not. But every freaking day would get old and get in guys’ heads. Pretty soon resentment sets in, then gets worse if the starter actually struggles, making the Tebow noise even louder.
  1. Honestly Tim Tebow really can do more for the world without football. I know it’s hard to believe, but there are bigger platforms and callings than professional football. And it’s entirely possible this guy is really just too good for his chosen sport. Not too good at running an offense, but possibly meant for bigger and better things than being an NFL quarterback.