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Yahoo warns users on more hack attacks

Yahoo seems to get more attention from it's faltering business, and now it recently let its users know that cyber attackers may have gotten into their account or even taken them over.

Yahoo’s New Mantra: Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

By Grabthar’s hammer, Yahoo shall not go down without a fight. A defiant Marissa Mayer refuses to shut down and completely sell off Yahoo’s core business though that option is still open.

Where did Yahoo go wrong?

Yahoo, as a publicly traded company could disappear soon. In its place could be a stronger Alibaba or a revived AOL. So what’s the story? Previously, we discussed the company’s financial woes and who would most likely carry the torch.

Who Will Save Yahoo?

Remember when Jim Carrey and Yahoo! were still popular? Yahoo was spoofed in the movie Bruce Almighty as Bruce’s Yahweh! website, complete with the yodel featured in the website’s commercials.

WOT the… Web of Trust or Web of Lies?

The internet can be a dangerous place. The only websites that are safe to visit are mainly those owned by the biggest companies like Microsoft, Amazon, eBay, Apple and Yahoo. Users have to be really careful navigating the web unprotected.

Adobe Flash, the Undead of the Tech World

A few years ago, I was cursing Adobe Flash and using it at the same time on my aging Compaq laptop which I have long since replaced. Whenever I visit a website with a running Flash ad or a website that uses Flash video, the laptop fans would go crazy and the laptop would heat my lap

Yahoo! NFL Partnership a Big Deal?

The NFL and Yahoo! have announced their plans to show the Jaguars versus Bills game via live stream online in 2015. The game will be played in London and will be available totally free on any device.

The Woman That Guards Google

You usually don't think about Google or Yahoo needing a front line defense, but naturally, the bigger you are, the more the hackers want to attack. So Google has one of the top white hat hackers working to stop those 'black hatters' before they can enter the kingdom and do real damage.

Yahoo’s Mobile Initiative: Make Yahoo Relevant in the Mobile Arena

When Marissa Mayer came aboard the sinking ship called Yahoo, she was appalled at the number of developers in its mobile division. There were about fifty developers available and she immediately made changes; she hired more developers, required actual presence of employees for better teamwork and got rid of some dead weight but ironically added more shipload in the form of acquisitions.

Will Apple Stick With Google Or Take Safe Bet Yahoo?

Apple’s contract with Google as Safari’s default search engine is almost at an end and now the company is at a crossroads whether to renew that contract with Google or try another. Candidates include Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo!

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