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Microsoft Takes Windows to School

The world was again in awe of Microsoft’s new foray into hardware with their new Surface Laptop, it’s supposed Chromebook killer. Loaded with the laptop is Microsoft’s new Windows 10 variant, Windows 10 S, not Windows 10 Cloud

Is Anti-Virus Security Software Still Relevant?

"Don't buy antivirus software, and uninstall it if you already have it (except, on Windows, for Microsoft)," said former Mozilla engineer Robert O'Callahan. Now that would leave your system vulnerable wouldn’t it?

Is it Windows turn for Tablets?

The Dell Venue line is a great set of Windows and Android tablets. However, Dell recently announced that it will no longer be manufacturing nor supporting Android tablets

ERPs Exit Windows

One of the main hurdles for companies to shift from Windows to other operating systems is enterprise software or ERPs. Enterprise Resource and Planning packages mostly run under Windows like SAP’s R/3, Oracle’s business suites and Microsoft’s own Dynamics brand.

Windows bashing for Linux

Hell is freezing over as many websites say on their headlines. Microsoft is embracing Linux. Linux runs on Azure, Xamarin is included for free on Visual Studio to ease cross-platform development

Make No Mistake or Malware’s Gonna Get You

We live in lazy, convenient times where word processors correct our spelling and grammar automatically, where browsers auto-complete or auto-suggest website URLs. We sometimes take these things for granted that they backfire.

Is Microsoft on the Way Back to Coolness?

When was the last time the world thought that Microsoft was cool? Probably ages ago when they enabled Apple IIs to run mainstream business software with SoftCard. Another was when they invigorated the PC industry to the GUI with Windows 3.0.

PC Industry: If It Ain’t Broke…

About ten years ago, I needed to fix a real-estate issue and had to pay a visit to the office of my mother’s lawyer. That was about five years or so after the introduction of Windows XP. Lo and behold, the lawyer’s secretary was still using a 286-based computer running DOS 4 and Wordstar 6.

30 Years with Windows: A Love Hate Long-term Relationship

It's more like 20 for me actually, but I’m writing this to celebrate Windows’ 30th anniversary. While Apple and the Lisa introduced the world to the GUI, it was Microsoft Windows that helped the world embrace it.

Keeping Your WordPress Site Safe From Hackers

Being popular isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. A tree full of fruits is sure to get its share of stones thrown at it. Take Microsoft Windows for example. The operating system is on a gazillion computers so now Windows and its apps are the target of thousands of viruses and other malware.

Free Software Without Having to Go Linux

So you want to make your newly bought Windows PC more useful but you’re on a strict budget and that MS Office license just burned the last of it. It makes you wonder why you didn’t take your friend’s advice and went to Linux for the free software.

Should We Skip Windows 10 for Redstone?

Threshold was Microsoft’s codename for Windows 10 which is due for release this summer 2015. Windows 10 isn’t officially out yet and we now receive news that they’re working on another Windows project called Redstone coming out in 2016.

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