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Tech Bits: Alexa beats Cortana and Nintendo dominates gaming

Tech Bytes: Physical keyboards aren't obsolete yet, Intel has a patch for that CPU meltdown problem, Alexa has beaten Windows 10 Cortana and Nintendo dominated gaming in 2017.

Windows 10 on ARM: Is it good enough computing?

Microsoft has put Windows 10 on ARM but will good enough computing be good enough for gamers and casual users?

Microsoft Throws in the Towel: Windows 10 Mobile is Out of the Ring

Microsoft tried to duke it out in the smartphone world, but Joe Belfiore tweeted that while it's not completely dead yet, Windows 10 mobile is basically out of the ring.

Microsoft Bytes: Windows Phone dies, Surface Hub sinks plus Calibri scandal

Byte Size News: Microsoft kills off Windows Phone, Microsoft 365 combining Windows 10 with Office Plus, Surface Hub facility closes and that Calibri font scandal update.

Why Windows XP Refuses to Die

Good old Windows XP is still around despite Microsoft’s all-out war against its own product. It’s really tough to fix what many consumers feel doesn’t need fixing. Speaking of war, not only does Windows XP refuse to die

Artificial Intelligence becoming best defense against ransomware

Microsoft stepping up next Windows 10 update to fight ransomware with higher artificial intelligence defense.

Was WannaCry another reason to upgrade to Windows 10?

After WannaCry ransomware hit, more people have reason to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10 or was that the plan?

Windows Update Horror is Over

I remember that fateful day when a colleague kept disturbing me with calls about his Windows 7 computer. It was a freshly set-up Windows 7 machine prior to Microsoft’s release of their all-encompassing Windows 7 update file.

Google helping Microsoft get more Windows 10 upgrades

Google Helps Microsoft Persuade Users to Upgrade to Windows 10

Upgrade to Windows 10 and Stop Ransomware

Built into Windows 10 is the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection first announced in March last year. It’s a service designed to help enterprises detect, investigate, and respond to advanced attacks on their networks.

Surface Studio: More than Niche?

2016 was a good year for Microsoft with their release of the Surface Studio and the Surface Hub. Even Windows 10 has been marginally accepted despite its admittedly malware-like tactics to get people to upgrade for free

Watch Out! Windows is ARMed

Desktop Windows is no longer limited to the x86 architecture. Qualcomm has just announced that their ARM-based Snapdragon processors will be able to run full Windows 10.

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