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White nationalists, alt-right people find themselves banned from Twitter

Twitter is now enforcing new hate speech rules which resulted in many white nationalist and alt right groups getting banned from the social media giant.

Donald Trump supporters still love the white nationalist president

Now that Donald Trump has given his support to white nationalists groups, his diehard core of supporters love him even more now.

Heroes and Zeros: Jill Stein vs Tila Tequila

It’s time for Hero/Zero. The winner this week is a woman raising money for something we can all get behind and the loser is a washed up social media star who needs more than just suspension from social media

Donald Trump: The great ‘Alt-right’ enabler

I don’t know about other people, but I am a firm believer in accepting a person for who they show themselves to be. Folks can say whatever they want in an attempt to feel better about who they’d like people to think they are

Donald Trump win giving rise to White Nationalist Alt-Right movement

Many people assumed that racism was over in America once Barack Obama was elected president in 2008, but they were the ones that didn't travel outside of their city. A quiet storm was slowly boiling up, and with this election, Donald Trump was able to tap

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