Heroes and Zeros: Jill Stein vs Tila Tequila

tila tequila nazi armband zero 2016

Heroes and Zeros: Jill Stein vs Tila Tequila 2016 images

It’s time for Hero/Zero. The winner this week is a woman raising money for something we can all get behind and the loser is a washed up social media star who needs more than just suspension from social media as ramifications for her actions.

Hero – Jill Stein

Hell yes, Jill Stein! There is no doubt that shit has been crazy since Donald Trump won the presidency. I mean anxiety, fear, disgust, confusion and suspense are just a few of the emotions many people are experiencing right now. It’s still unbelievable that he won. So much so, that someone is doing her best to ensure that Hillary Clinton wasn’t robbed of the win through interference. Jill Stein is this week’s hero because the woman has raised over $4 million for recounts in the three key states Clinton lost.

In what her campaign is calling “an effort to ensure the integrity of our elections” they are demanding a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. According to her campaign website, “There is a significant need to verify machine-counted vote totals” in these states. I am here for it.

I would be lying if I said that I believed Trump won fair and square, but I just don’t think that he did. He is a man who has learned how to cheat the system and there is no doubt in my mind that he found a way to do so for the presidency.

Some people wonder if Stein’s efforts will really make a difference and I say yes. If raising the money and doing the recount proves that there was foul play or that Clinton was cheated, it will make all the difference. I am hoping for a Hail Mary of some kind. I want the electors of the Electoral College in the states that Trump won to cast their ballot for Hillary. There are no words that I can muster that truly communicate how much I do NOT want Donald Trump to run this country.

For not staying quiet and doing what she believes to be right, Jill Stein is alright with me.

tila tequila nazi armband zero 2016

Zero – Tila Tequila

This is what happens when we allow any old person get a little bit of fame. They don’t know how to act and just start saying shit and showing their true colors. This week’s zero is Tila Tequila because, despite her Vietnamese background and minority status, she is one of the most racist and hate spewing personalities in the public eye.

I don’t know if she thinks what she does is cute or harmless or if she really is that dumb, but it is out of control. Her recent suspension from Twitter has everything to do with the fact that she is supporting neo-Nazism and makes no apologies about it. She made a string of disgusting tweets over the weekend, one of which showed a picture of her and other deadbeats doing the Nazi salute at a white nationalist conference in DC. Oh yea, she also wrote the caption, “Seig heil” which we all know is what the Nazi did to salute their diabolical leader Adolf Hitler.

This is not okay, and it represents a growing number of people who have shown, in one way or another, that part or all of their thinking aligns with white nationalists’ paradigm of America. It is not some harmless thing that is just a fad that will die down. It is a REAL thing, and we cannot take it lightly. I am truly telling you to take it to heart because it’s brewing, not under our noses any longer, but right in front of our faces.

But all of this, naturally, comes back to Donald Trump. Tila is a proud supporter and was raised in Texas, the red state with a dark history of racism. She is a perfect example of yet another person whose actions are speaking way louder than her words. On the one hand, she says that she is not racist or a Nazi supporter, and then turns around, tweets about it and attends the damn meetings.

I don’t know if she is doing this for likes. I don’t know if her posing in front of Auschwitz wearing a Nazi armband and posting it on Facebook was just a ploy to up her mentions. What I do know is that people sometimes subtly tell us who they are and we dismiss it because we aren’t paying attention. We live in a world, today, where we cannot give folks who show clear signs of hateful ideals the benefit of the doubt.

Tila Tequila is a zero!