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JUSTIFIED Ep 613 Finale: A Perfect Ending For Raylan Givens

The series finale of 'Justified' started with our hero Raylan Givens in cuffs riding in the back of a police car, but ended with him on the right side of the law. Givens ended up doing what was lawful with Boyd, then he did what was moral with Ava.

JUSTIFIED Season 6 Ep5 Recap: Ava Just Keeps Cooking For Boyd

Many would say this week's episode of Justified was a waste of time. It was entertaining, but Ava ended up in the same spot as when it started....in a mess and cooking supper for Boyd.

JUSTIFIED Ep4 Recap: Trashy Snakes Make Best Episode Of Season 6

Last week on Justified, it made viewers wonder why things seemed to be moving so slow since it's the final season, but this week's "The Trash and the Snake" takes the show in a whole new direction which is great.

JUSTIFIED Season 6 Ep 6 Wynn Duffy Loves His Tan

Maybe it's just me, but this final season of Justified is not exactly getting to the point in a hurry. I know they are setting up Sam Elliot's character, Avery Markham, as the big boss that must be taken down as a sideshow to Raylan versus Boyd.

JUSTIFIED Season 6 Cash Game Recap: Boyd Keeps Moving To Dark Side

Here's what we got on last night's episode of Justified, called Cash Game. We got more attempts at a land grab in Harlan and got introduced to a new dummy named Choo-Choo.

JUSTIFIED Season 6 Fate’s Right Hand Recap: So long Dewey

The open for the first episode of the final season of 'Justified' shows us Winona with Raylan's daughter living a normal life away from Givens.

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