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Best Mobile Gaming Apps for Apple’s iPhone X

Apple's iPhone X may not be selling like hotcakes but it is the best smartphone out there on the market now and these gaming apps will show you just how powerful it is.

Gaming Weekly: Nintendo Switch new specs leak and Crytek closes studios

As many expected, Christmas/New Years 2017 week was a bit light on gaming news and developments, but nevertheless, there were some significant reveals and takeaways for gamers to absorb.

50 Million Running Marios plus More to Come from Nintendo

Nintendo's having a banner year with 2016 as they've recently announced that they're making Pokemon Go available on Apple Watch, and now they're celebrating having 50 million downloads of Super Mario Run.

Retro Gaming Fever 2

Retro gaming has really gone full swing since Pokemon Go and Nintendo’s announcement of the NES Classic Edition. The company continues to provide nostalgia to older gamers like yours truly with Super Mario Run.

How Nintendo overshot Super Mario Run on price, connectivity

Nintendo had a great 2016 with the wildly popular Pokemon Go, and early word was amazing for Super Mario Run, but then something happened once the mobile game came out.

Nintendo Says Humbug to Android

Nintendo is enjoying the limelight once again with the upcoming Nintendo Switch, the still-in-demand-for-the-holidays NES Classic Edition and now, Super Mario Run on iOS. Well, Nintendo is getting a little flak for the latter two.

Gaming Weekly: Nintendo Switch vs PS4, Xbox One plus Ready At Dawn updates

Gaming Weekly: Nintendo Switch Specs Arrive, Demo Tour Announced while Super Mario Run kills it in critics reviews. Bully Scholarship Edition, Catherine and Raskulls now Xbox One backwards compatible.

Gaming Weekly: Fallout 4 PS4 mods hit and Super Mario Run release date

Gaming Weekly: Fallout 4 PS4 Mods Arrive, Voice Actor Strike Proceeds and Super Mario Run release date about here.

Apple’s latest gadgets hitting soon: iPhone 7, Airpods, Super Mario Run

Apple fans were naturally excited to check out all the new wares and gadgets that were coming out soon, including the iPhone 7, and the tech company didn't disappoint.

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