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‘Step It Up’ 108 It All Comes Down To This Recap Finale

We say goodbye to YCDT's pilot season of Step it Up this week as it has come to an end. As always, there is drama, and everything is on the line for the young dancers, especially the ones hoping to go from Company to Repertory.

‘Step It Up’ 107 Beware of Bat Woman Recap

This week on Step It Up, the ante is pretty high as the dancers in both groups of YCDT will have the chance to audition for Icon Talent Agency, one of the most successful agencies in Miami.

‘Step It Up’: 105 Play Less, You Hot Mess Recap

This week on Step It Up, Traci and YCDT (Young Contemporary Dance Theatre) are pulling double duty.

‘Step It Up’ 102 Fake Sweat

In the second episode of Step it Up, the team has been invited by the Chamber of Commerce of Miami to perform for a lot of art dignitaries and other big wigs in the city. “The who's who of Miami” is what Traci calls it.

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