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Pokemon Go Plus is Better than It’s Supposed to Be plus Letivision Transformers

Pokemon Go is probably the first app that got nerds to go to a gym. This nerd is a just few Pokemon short of going to one. I like the game and catching Pokemon is fun but there just isn’t much time to explore the outside world.

Apple’s latest gadgets hitting soon: iPhone 7, Airpods, Super Mario Run

Apple fans were naturally excited to check out all the new wares and gadgets that were coming out soon, including the iPhone 7, and the tech company didn't disappoint.

Finally, Pokemon GO for Windows Phones Unofficially

Remember the last piece where we mentioned that Windows Phone is being left out of the Pokemon GO action? Finally, there’s a version out there for Window Phones. Unfortunately, like many other Windows Phone apps

Redeeming Nintendo’s Mistakes

Nintendo is currently on a roll with both Pokemon Go and the NES Classic Mini. The road ahead remains unclear for the Nintendo NX despite its amazing Zelda preview but if Pokemon GO remains popular

Is it time for a Digital Detox?

If you’ve been spending time on your smartphone or tablet as much as a lot of people do these days, you may have chanced upon an article showing this ludicrous invention, which is made up of a bunch of LED

Turning Pokemon Go into a family activity

Pokemon GO may be geared toward kids and teens, but it is by no means only a kid game! It is a lot of fun for the entire family. In fact, you can help keep your kids safe while going out to hunt for Pokemon

Retro gaming fever hitting mainstream

Retro-gaming is slowly gaining a foothold into mainstream culture beginning with the smash hit Pokemon GO. While it’s a smartphone game, it made use of game mechanics popularized

The lessons PokemonGo can teach us

Important Lessons You Can Teach Your Kids With Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go safety tips for parents and children of all ages

Safety Precautions For Kids Playing Pokemon GO

Just how does Pokemon Go work?

What You Need to Know About How Pokemon GO Works

Republicans attack Ariana Grande donuts and Rihanna no fan of Pokemon Go

Just when you thought people couldn’t make a bigger deal out of the whole Ariana Grande #DonutGate incident...

Pokemon Go helps keep depression and anxiety at bay

The phenomenon called Pokemon Go has become even more popular than ever and millions of people are playing it daily around the world. Naturally, some people dismiss it as just a game or passing fad

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