The lessons PokemonGo can teach us

The lessons PokemonGo can teach us 2016 images

The lessons PokemonGo can teach us 2016 images

Important Lessons You Can Teach Your Kids With Pokemon GO

Never before has a game captured such a wide audience so quickly. Pokemon GO is not just popular for kids, but for teens, adults, parents, and even grandparents. Instead of assuming it is just another video game, consider all the benefits and reasons why the game can actually teach your kids some valuable lessons.

How to Make Friends

First and foremost, kids are learning how to be more social and outgoing with Pokemon GO! You might bring your kid to a local PokeStop, and there are bound to be other kids there. Before too long, they get to talking and compare games, seeing what Pokemon each other has, and making plans to meet up again at another stop or gym. This is happening over and over again, showing parents just how beneficial the game really is. It gets kids out of their comfort zone, especially out of their bedrooms. The game is interactive and really helps them to make friends with other kids that share the same interests. Just teaching your kid proper social skills is a great reason for them to play Pokemon GO.

pokemon go helps kids make friends

Encourage Physical Exercise

You will love how much more physically active your kids are! They aren’t fighting you every time you ask them to go ride their bikes or want to bring them on a hike. They actually want to go because they get to bring their phones and try to find Pokemon along the way. You can teach some important lessons about being outdoors, enjoying the sunshine, and getting regular exercise just by having them walk to different areas around town to find the rarest Pokemon.

How to Be Vigilant and Stick to Something

Believe it or not, the game can also teach kids not to give up and to keep trying until they succeed. This is an important lesson for kids and teens of all ages. Don’t let them have access to in-app purchases, not just to save money, but because it gives them ways to advance further and more quickly in the game. Let them do everything on their own, take their time, and really work hard to catch em’ all. This teaches them vigilance and the importance of sticking with a goal until the end.

The Importance of Personal Responsibility

You have rules set for your kids when playing the game, such as not making any purchases through the app, not using the game while at school, or getting their chores done first. This is teaching them personal responsibility. When you see that they are following your rules, you can let them have a few dollars to make some in-app purchases. This is going to teach them that the hard work and personal responsibility pays off.