Republicans attack Ariana Grande donuts and Rihanna no fan of Pokemon Go

republicans attacking ariana grande donuts again 2016 gossip

Republicans attack Ariana Grande donuts and Rihanna no fan of Pokemon Go 2016 gossip

Just when you thought people couldn’t make a bigger deal out of the whole Ariana Grande #DonutGate incident…

Over the weekend, numerous emails between DNC chief Debbie Wasserman Shultz and staff members were leaked on the Internet. Surprisingly enough, Ariana was one of the many topics brought up in the political party’s cyber-exchanges.

According to the leaked documents, Ariana was being considered as a possible performer for a high-profile event at the White House. However, after she was caught on tape licking a donut that was on display at a store, as well as heard jokingly stating, “I hate Americans,” she was quickly removed from the shortlist of artists.

In the emails, DNC Finance Chair Zachary Allen asks a few of his peers to try and bring on board Ariana as entertainment for the upcoming event. However, he was quickly shut down as others felt Ariana was too controversial to be singing for the president, as well as countless other high power political figures. In one email, the decision to ban Ariana was explained, as a list of all of her scandals were circulated to party decision-makers:

ariana grande kissing singer then licks his donut 2015 gossip

“Ariana Butera (note: Ariana’s birth name is Ariana Grande-Butera) – video caught her licking other peoples’ donuts while saying she hates America; Republican Congressman used this video and said it was a double standard that liberals were not upset with her like they are with Trump who criticized Mexicans; cursed out a person on Twitter after that person used an offensive word towards her brother.”

While there was no shortage of public bashing on social media following the now infamous donut-licking incident, there were also evidently some hidden criticisms directed at Ariana and her questionable behavior.

rihanna no fan of pokemon go 2016 gossip

While thousands – if not millions – of people around the world are completely immersed in the world of Pokemon GO, singer Rihanna is clearly not a fan of this latest craze. Although countless performers have called out audience members in the past for videotaping or taking pictures at concerts instead of enjoying the live show, Pokemon GO has posed yet another form of distraction amongst the general public.

Over the weekend, Rihanna went on a rant as she instructed her fans to put down their phones and live in the moment. The Barbados beauty exclaimed, “I don’t want to see you texting your boyfriends or your girlfriends. I don’t want to see you catching any Pokemons up in this b****.”

Rihanna, Video:

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Rihanna isn’t the only superstar dealing with the frenzy surrounding Pokemon GO. Last week, Beyoncé was performing at the Stade de France when a fan decided to play the mobile game instead of enjoying Bey’s show. Inevitably, a fellow Beehive member called out the Pokemon-playing audience member. In a video, the enraged fan is heard exclaiming, “This b**** is finding Pokemon. She’s finding Pokemon when Beyonce’s singing. F***ing Pokemon! Look at where she is. Look at where she is. She’s next to the stage.”

Ananddb, Instagram vid:

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Considering that these fans are paying hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to see these stars perform, it is mindboggling that they would spend even a minute of the show trying to catch a Pikachu, Charzard, etc.