Turning Pokemon Go into a family activity

turning pokemon go into a family activity 2016 images

Turning Pokemon Go into a family activity 2016 images

Turn Pokemon GO Into a Family Activity

Pokemon GO may be geared toward kids and teens, but it is by no means only a kid game! It is a lot of fun for the entire family. In fact, you can help keep your kids safe while going out to hunt for Pokemon by going with them. Here are some ways to turn the game into a family activity.

Go Hunting Together

What better way to turn Pokemon Go into a family activity than to go hunting together? This is so much fun to do with your kids. For the most part, kids are enjoying time with their family when going on little hunting trips. You might have kids who want to go off on their own with friends but make sure they are still within your view so you can ensure they are being safe.

Explore New Places in Town

Another fun thing you can do with your family with the game is to find new places in your community. Many of the PokeGyms and PokeStops are at places you might have passed by but never stopped at. You may find hunting opportunities at a local frozen yogurt shop, a hiking trail you haven’t walked yet, or maybe a little-hidden spot not many people know about. Pokemon GO is providing small businesses with a lot more business when they register at stops for rare Pokemon, which is going to help your family find new places to enjoy and explore. You will be able to really appreciate where you live thanks to this game.

pokemon go family road trip 2016

Head on a Mini Road Trip

You can also think outside the box a little when you want to have fun with your family while also trying to catch em’ all. One idea is to spend the weekend going on a little road trip to nearby cities or even out of state. You can stop at different places along the way to try and catch as many rare Pokemon as possible. Turn it into a little family adventure when you can take time off or during the summer break. Your kids will have tons of fun, and it provides everyone with an excellent thing to bond over.

Start Family Challenges

Don’t forget about challenges! While you won’t create challenges in the game yet, you can still do little challenges with your kids. Try to see who can catch the most Pokemon in a certain period of time, or choose some of the rarer Pokemon to catch. When someone catches something rare, maybe give them a little prize or even give them some money for in-app purchases.