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Fake News: Stacey Abrams election, California wildfires and Planned Parenthood

Fake News Roundup: Stacey Abrams sister, Planned Parenthood ad, California wildfire clouds and Don Lemon's laugh.

Paul Ryan’s GOP anxious to defund Planned Parenthood

Defunding Planned Parenthood has long been the Republican parties dream, and Paul Ryan was quick to announce on Thursday that they would be doing that despite the uphill battle they expect from Democrats.

Why Voting Truly Matters In 2016: For the Record

This is what I don’t get about people, especially Republicans and conservatives. For a group of individuals who tout their faith as a cornerstone of their belief system, they are the most callous, uncompassionate people on this earth.

Robert Lewis Dear: Just Another Day for Planned Parenthood & America

This is a tough one to talk about here because there are some many opinions about who is to blame, what it means, etc. So this is me offering some kind of reasoning on the situation.

The War On Planned Parenthood Is Just More Republican Minority Hypocrisy: For the Record

That is exactly how I feel about the war on Planned Parenthood that the Republican Party has waged. Furthermore, the fact that they have been willing to shut down the entire government if they didn’t get what they want… to defund Planned Parenthood… is a disgrace to the political system.

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