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Department of Justice getting even harsher on crime

Jeff Sessions has easily found his match in Steve Cook with someone who feels the United States has gotten soft on crime.

Jerry Jones fine with NFL pot smoking and wants Roger Goodell pay cut

Jerry Jones Wants NFL to Allow Pot Smoking, Stop Investigating Players, & Cut Goodell’s Pay

Marijuana talk for Steve Kerr and Phil Jackson

Steve Kerr and Phil Jackson Admit to Marijuana Use for Pains, Reopening Debate on Player Usage

NFLPA finally realizing value of marijuana as more states legalize it

NFLPA to Study Pain-Management Tools for Players, Including Marijuana, as More States Legalize Pot

Eugene Monroe calls for medical marijuana in NFL

Eugene Monroe Calls on Roger Goodell to Allow Medical Marijuana for NFL Pains

Canadian Marijuana Legislation: Are pot smokers a forest fire risk?

The debate over the legalization of marijuana has been alive and well in Canada for the last few years. The culmination of the debate appears to be on the near horizon. On Friday, the CBC reported that "Federal legislation to legalize marijuana will be ready in a year."

NCAA Needs To Take Another Look At Its Marijuana Policy

Ohio State defeated Oregon 42-20 to claim college football’s national championship, the first-ever in the new College Football Playoff era. Would it have been any different if the Ducks’ Darren Carrington and Ayele Forde could have played?

Marijuana’s Role In the NFL

I read recently that legalized marijuana in the USA could rival the NFL in terms of revenue. I found that very interesting seeing how the NFL basically prints its own cash. Colorado is doing quite well since it made the hippy lettuce a legal substance and available from quality sellers.

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