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Leslie Jones proves the Cloud not always safe

Leslie Jones Fighting More than Ghosts with a Hacked Cloud

Tyga owes rent everywhere and Courteney Cox stops fighting age

Just when you thought Tyga was all squared up in regards to his legal woes, yet another judgment is made against him.

Heroes and Zeros: Leslie Jones vs Bow Wow

This week’s hero is an actress who just keeps winning and the zero is a rapper who keeps making a fool of himself.

Milo Yiannopoulos keeps race issues alive with Leslie Jones

There is a truth that people don’t like to admit. It’s something that folks turn their heads to and pretend doesn’t exist. What I’m talking about reared it’s ugly head once again this week on Twitter

Christian Siriano to Leslie Jones fashion rescue and Tamar Braxton’s fans get ‘Real’ mad

Designers all passed on "Ghostbusters" Leslie Jones, but "Project Runway's" Christian Siriano jumped in to save the day. Tamar Braxton's fans are still unhappy about her "The Real" firing

These Ladies Ain’t Afraid To Be GHOSTBUSTERS

We've been hearing about the return of "Ghostbusters" for so long it seemed more of an urban myth than reality, but Sony has confirmed that it's a go and with an all-female cast this time around. Ever since Kristin Wiig's "Bridesmaids", Hollywood has felt safer going with an all-female cast

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