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Will Hollywood let tax incentives silence them on Georgia abortion laws?

People in Hollywood love spouting off on social injustices when it's from a distance or doesn't really affect them. When standing up to these...

Disney’s ‘Dumbo’ flies low at box office plus an ‘Unplanned’ surprise

Disney's Dumbo live action film topped box office charts but way below industry expectations. Controversial anti-abortion film Unplanned surpassed studio expectations.

Jordan Peele’s box office record-breaking ‘Us’ proves he’s no one-hit wonder

With "Us," Jordan Peele once again holds the mirror up for society, and it's record breaking box office numbers show just how much moviegoers...

Spike Lee talks ‘BlacKkKlansman’ not being his comeback movie

Spike Lee knows his career has had a few ups and downs, but he refuses to let others call his latest provocative film #BlacKkKlansman his comeback movie. Plus we rank our favorite Top 10 Spike Lee films.

‘Shape of Water,’ ‘Dunkirk’ and ‘Three Billboards’ sweep Oscar nominations

2018 Academy Award nominations full list along with the biggest snubs and surprises of the awards season. The Academy also showed Paul Anderson Thomas plenty of love for his Daniel Day-Lewis starrer Phantom Thread.

Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’ Golden Globes comedy category could help it win

With the Golden Globes giving Jordan Peele's "Get Out" movie a comedy category, could this wind up helping it win an award making it safer for white audiences?

Heroes and Zeros: Jordan Peele vs Donald Trump wiretap scandal

It’s time for another round of hero/zero. In the winning spot is an actor/director whose film has made a major impact on audiences everywhere. The loser is the man, Trump, and his wiretap “scandal."

‘Lego Batman’ Gets Out of way for Jordan Peele at box office

Jordan Peel's wonderfully creepy and eery African-American nightmare film "Get Out" roared over "The Lego Batman Movie" to take the top spot at the weekend box office.

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