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Donald Trump vs Meghan Markle, John McCain fact check

Donald Trump couldn't resist making himself the center of media attention before his state visit to London by calling the Mayor of the city...

Donald Trump serious about Mexico immigration tariffs plus Pentagon slaps back

Donald Trump swears he's deadly serious about the Mexico tariffs to stamp out immigration plus the Pentagon slaps back at the president for the John McCain warship mess.

George W. Bush has his say on Donald Trump

Donald Trump has driven two prior Presidents to break with the past and speak out on his performance in office as both George W. Bush and Barack Obama have been vocal about their concerns for America.

Donald Trump unwisely takes on John McCain again

Donald Trump continued his shock week by sending out a warning to John McCain for his honest words at the 2017 Liberty Medal Ceremony.

Republicans give up on Obamacare repeal again, and Donald Trump creates fake news

Republicans perform an Obamacare repeal fail hat trick while Donald Trump tweets out fake news on Iran missiles.

John McCain tries clarifying his President Comey confusing questions

After an interesting mix of questions landing at former FBI Director James Comey, Senator John McCain was at the tail end of questioners. Viewers were expecting some hard questions to come, but what they go was a lot of frowning faces.

Donald Trump gets his ego infusion with Florida rally transcript

President Donald Trump got a much-needed ego infusion with his Florida rally on Saturday with his hardcore base of supporters. He pulled in 9,000 people inside a hangar in Orlando and let his people know his game plan for 2017.

Rex Tillerson’s chances for Secretary of State increasing

President Donald Trump is proving that he gets what he wants, and his choice for secretary of state Rex Tillerson is moving closer to getting that top spot.

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