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Roku picks off Quibi’s content bones with under $100 million deal

Roku looks like they got a steal purchases Quibi's content for under $100 million dollars. Far below Quibi's valuation.

‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ continues being inspired by ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’

Pacific Rim Uprising can't deny the inspiration from Neon Genesis Evangelion anime, but while the sequel isn't close to the original in quality, it's still worth checking out.

‘The Dark Tower’ bombs at box office but sequel moving forward

Anyone who has read Stephen King's epic Dark Tower series have all agreed on one thing. It's the least likely of his books that can translate well to either the big or small screen.

‘The Dark Tower’ Trailer arrives with lots of new images

Finally, Sony has unleashed the first explosive trailer for The Dark Tower, and while there's plenty of homages paid to the books, it's been given the full Hollywood treatment.

‘The Dark Tower’ teases new images and posters for trailer

You can be sure there will either be a book or documentary covering the extremely long journey Stephen King's The Dark Tower series took to get to the big screen.

‘The Dark Tower’ gets waylaid again

For anyone who's followed Stephen King's The Dark Tower's journey to the big screen, you know it's been just as difficult as Roland's. The last time it looked like a sure thing, Ron Howard was behind it

Daniel Craig laughing way to bank as James Bond producers still want him

One of the reasons for the James Bond franchise’s continued success is its ability to easily modify itself to the current era. The early days featured Sean Connery as a very playful, do-it-all super spy, but that has since evolved all the way up Daniel Craig’s older

‘Star Trek Beyond’ first trailer hits a little forced

Star Trek Beyond hits with the first trailer while we wait for Star Wars to hit.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck Not Much For Black Lives & Idris Elba’s Street Bond Appeal

Former "View" co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck seems to find that Black Lives don't Matter and should be a hate group instead. RHOA Cynthia Bailey might get demoted for kicking Porsha Williams

Idris Elba Goes Solo & Joe Jackson Gets Wrong Kind Of Stroke From Viagra

Kelly Osbourne is still feeling the heat from her Donald Trump comment on The View, Cookie Lyon comes to life, Idris Elba's solo action is very sexy and Joe Jackson allegedly got the wrong kind of stroke from Viagra.

Top 12 Sexiest Male Celebrities 2015

We love to love them because we can’t stop wanting to know more about them. Who am I talking about? I’m talking about the sexiest stars, in particular men, we have the pleasure to lay our eyes on.

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