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Sting talks ‘My Songs,’ Shaggy and that new Vegas gig

Sting will be even busier than ever with his upcoming My Songs album, work with Shaggy and Las Vegas, We interviewed him to discuss further.

2018 Grammys: Biggest Winners and losers plus 7 powerhouse speeches

Who were the biggest winners and losers of Sunday's 2018 Grammy awards show along with the best speeches of the night. Kendrick Lamar and Bruno Mars stole the show along with 7 very powerful speeches.

Top moments from 2018 60th Annual Grammy Awards show

The 60th Annual Grammy Awards saw Kendrick Lamar and Bruno Mars stealing the spotlight from Jay Z with award wins, but Kesha had her moment with Praying and even Hillary Clinton got some face time at Donald Trump's expense.

Grammys 2018: Kendrick Lamar ‘Humbled’ with Carrie Fisher, Lin Manuel

Kendrick Lamar wins an early Grammy for his Humble music video while Carrie Fisher and Lin Manuel also receive awards. President Donald Trump also had to get involved by tweeting out for Jay Z.

Heroes & Zeros: Kendrick Lamar & The Grammy’s

It’s the Grammys edition of Heroes & Zeros. In the winning spot is an artist that brought the house down with his powerful performance and the loser is an entity that missed the mark.

Kim Kardashian’s Son Anointed Saint Robert West & Adele Too Late for Grammys

Surprisingly, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West didn’t keep people waiting for too long, as they publicly announced the name of their son on Monday. Kim was admitted to the hospital on Saturday

Taylor Swift’s Tears & Justin Bieber’s Purpose

In a new interview with Grammy Pro, pop star Taylor Swift opened up about her reaction to not winning the Album of the Year Grammy for Red back in 2014. She revealed to the media platform, “I remember not going to after-parties.

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