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Google Glass Redux & Windows 10’s Many Faces

Google’s Eric Schmidt said last February that Google Glass isn’t dead yet when the company pulled the controversial eyewear off the market last January. Many assumed the end of the controversial eyewear at the pullout but according to Google, Glass was only entering its next phase.

Google for Entrepreneurs: A Goldfish Tank or Piranha Tank?

Caught an episode of Shark Tank last week while channel surfing. Hearing good things about it, I decided to stick around. It was indeed like an American Idol for businessmen. It was enjoyable, it was interesting and a bit harrowing for some of the clueless contestants.

Google Glass Not Dead Says Google

Last January, Google announced its termination of the Google Glass Explorer program and pulled the headset off the market. That seemed to be the end of the controversial product that literally gave its users a bad name.

Sony’s SmartEyeGlass Not So Smart

Before Apple, Sony was the one with the knack of making innovations and improving technologies; adding style, elegance, advanced technology complete with premium pricing. From TV sets, they’ve been successful in many of the industries they entered into.

Downfall Of Google Glass

This past week Google announced that Google Glass was going on hiatus which in any industry means, big giant failure. Not so says the big G, they are just taking them off the market and coming out with a new version next year meaning goodbye Glassholes out there

Google Glasses: A Blessing Or A Curse?

Google has set the technology industry on fire with the release of its Google Glasses. These seemingly ordinary looking sunglasses are actually like something out of the 80’s cartoon show, the Jetsons

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