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Top 5 NHL Underachievers so far for 2016-17 season

The season is not over in the NHL, however, the trade deadline is approaching and teams are preparing for the home stretch. Players that haven't had the greatest season-to-date can still do plenty to improve their year-end totals.

NHL Preseason Rankings Ignore Montreal Canadiens Carey Price

Montreal, who ended up 12th in the recently-compiled rankings, only went 38-38-6 on the entire season last year. However, as any hockey fan in Montreal will tell you, the Canadiens' successes and failures largely hinged on Carey Price

NHL Recap: Tampa Bay Lightning hottest team now

The NHL divisional races are starting to heat up as the All-Star break approaches. That will give most players in the league a bit of a break but it's still a handful of days away.

NHL Recap: Chicago Blackhawks Lead West

Saturday night featured more than just a handle of games in the NHL as teams are making their pushes to get into position ahead of the All Star break. That break will start near the very end of this month with the Florida Panthers

5 NHL Questions for After the Christmas Break

The NHL is in the midst of a four-game hiatus, with teams having played about 35 games. That leaves a little more than half of the regular season still ahead and a lot of questions unanswered.

2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Wild Canadiens Move Forward & Lightning vs Red Wings

The 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs continued on Sunday and two more teams advanced to the second round. In the early game of the day, the Minnesota Wild hosted the St. Louis Blues in St. Paul.

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