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Saints Mark Ingram apologizes for explosive side coming out

With less than four minutes left in the game Sunday, the New Orleans Saints took a 48-34 lead over the Arizona Cardinals—their biggest of the game—thanks to a rushing touchdown by running back Tim Hightower.

Should NFL consider changing the tie rule?

Two Ties in Two Weeks: Should the NFL Consider Changing the Tie Rule?

Jaguars Cardinals winners and Myles Jack Colin Kaepernick losers: 2016 NFL Draft First Round

The first round of the 2016 NFL Draft had just about everything. Some players fell, some went much earlier than expected, and some had videos of bong hits posted to their Twitter account 30 minutes before the draft.

Carson Palmer’s Cardinals choke up on Cam Newton’s Panthers: 2016 NFC Championship Game

If you thought Carolina beat teams down in the regular season, they have taken it to another level in the postseason.

Overtime Rule just fine in NFL Playoffs

There is already talk of a change being needed in the overtime rules for NFL playoff games. People are letting their knee jerk reactions to last night's classic game between Green Bay and Arizona cloud their judgment.

Packers vs Cardinals: NFL Divisional Round Playoffs Indepth Recap

My game notes read "long game," as the Packers and Cardinals headed into the fourth quarter of what would transform into an instant classic.

NFL Week 16 Indepth Review

This game should alert Green Bay followers as to how far down the pecking order their team has fallen. Arizona is simply on another level, having their way with the Pack in every facet of the game.

Arizona Cardinals Cement Themselves as NFL’s Most Dangerous Team with Flawless Timing

Another week, another dominant victory by the Arizona Cardinals. The Green Bay Packers were this Sunday’s victim, falling flat on their faces in the presence of the Birds, losing 38-8.

Detroit Lions & Jim Caldwell Show Lack of Confidence with Matthew Stafford Benching

After throwing two interceptions against the Arizona Cardinals Sunday, Matthew Stafford was warned by Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell that he would be benched if he tossed a third.

Arizona Cardinals Season Recap & 2015 NFL Draft Needs

In 2013, the Arizona Cardinals finished 10-6 but were held out of the playoffs because of the tough competition in the NFC West division. Things were looking great for the Cards in 2014 though: head coach Bruce Arians infused a winning attitude into the team

2015 NFL Wild Card Weekend Recap: Closing In On Super Bowl

The Wild Card weekend of the NFL playoffs is finally over, and now things start to get even more intense. Ever team still alive is only two wins away from a Super Bowl appearance.

NFL Wild Card Weekend Recap Pt 1: Whiplashed Steelers & QBless Cards 2015

The Wild Card Weekend got the playoffs rolling with a couple of Saturday games then wrapped up with two more on Sunday. While only one of the four games was a close contest in the end, there were still enough story lines to go around.

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