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Ten MMA Movies Every Fan Should Watch

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is the fastest-growing sport in the world. This means a number of things—pay-per-view buy rates, live attendance, television viewership, and general awareness of the internationally beloved sport are all up

Daniel Cormier dominates Anderson Silva at UFC 200

UFC 200 had its share of drama just days before as Jon Jones had to pull out with his bout against Daniel Cormier. Anderson Silva had only two days to get ready for the fight

Jon Jones Wrecks UFC 200 Card

Dana White is still putting a happy face on the UFC 200 card despite a failed drug test by Jon Jones.

MMA Weekly: Bisping beats Silva & Rafael dos Anjos injury

This bittersweet week in MMA brought some notable disappointment—mainly in the form of Rafael dos Anjos’s injury. Still, between UFN 84 and Bellator 150, there was quite a bit of action for fans to enjoy

UFC Versus PEDs

The UFC has a real fight on its hands. The MMA promotion company is taking on a badass opponent in the form of these performance enhancing drugs. After having a number of big name fighters, including one of the best fighters ever in Anderson Silva

UFC 183 Anderson Silva Takes Out Nick Diaz: Return Of the Spider

UFC 183 was a card filled up with good matchups, but of course the focus was on Anderson Silva's return to the octagon. The former Middleweight Champion was set to make a comeback after being off for over a year with a broken leg.

Joe Rogan’s Best UFC MMA Quotes

Joe Rogan has some great quotes out there. The guy is a stand up comedian, UFC fight commentator, and hosts one of the top podcasts in the world.

What’s Next For Anderson Silva If He Beats Nick Diaz?

On January 31st, 2015, the greatest fighter in UFC history will return to the Octagon. Anderson Silva makes his comeback from a broken leg to face the always entertaining Nick Diaz.

Ten Questions For UFC’s Dana White

Dana White is the most fascinating head of a pro sport today. The president of the UFC is actually one of the most interesting sports figures in any position. His style is a straight shooting

Top 10 UFC Fights I Would Love To See

If I were running the UFC I would first need a gallon of coffee a day to keep the schedule that Dana White has to keep. Next I would start thinking about all the fights that I would want to make happen.

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