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Joe Rogan’s Best UFC MMA Quotes

joe rogans top best ufc mma quotes

Joe Rogan has some great quotes out there. The guy is a stand up comedian, UFC fight commentator, and hosts one of the top podcasts in the world. So he has had a lot to say over the years. He is a funny guy but is very thoughtful as well. He dives deep into scientific & philosophical topics on his podcast. I could list over 100 quotes of Rogan’s on different subjects. But for now, let’s look at the top ten MMA quotes from Joe Rogan. Some will be paraphrased.

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  1. “Silva didn’t respect his opponent, and he paid for it with his consciousness”. Rogan on the call after Anderson Silva was knocked out by Chris Weidman.
  1. “A ballet of violence.” Joe Rogan giving an epic description of Anderson Silva.
  1. “Agreed upon controlled violence, what is wrong with it?” Nothing wrong with adults choosing to fight in a controlled environment.
  1. “You running out things to say?” Rogan jabbing Mike Goldberg after the following….”And here is Nakamura…entering the octagon for the 1st time…touching the fence for the first time.” Classic Rogan…must be tough for Goldberg to work with a comedian. He takes the jabs well I think.
  1. “To be truly great something, you have to give in to a little bit of madness.” Makes sense to me. What sane person would train like UFC champs?
  1. “You’re the one married to a Japanese chick.” This after Goldberg mistakes Japanese instructions from a fighter’s corner for Portuguese.
  1. “Martial Arts is a vehicle for developing your human potential.” People all over the world would have to agree, as they have used the Arts to gain self control, confidence, and discipline.
  1. “No, he’s not” Joe’s response to his UFC partner, Mike Goldberg, saying Travis Lutter “is like the Michael Jordan of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!” Rogan couldn’t let that one slide. Don’t compare any athlete to MJ unless that guy is the best ever in his sport.
  1. “Fighting at the highest level is such an insane proposition that it can only be done for a few years.” The toll it takes on the body is just too much with all the training and high level fights.
  1. “I think that we could all benefit from MMA training. It relives stress that gets built up so we don’t just explode on each other in the real world.” A good point in my opinion. When humans don’t have a release for their stressed out bodies, it results in road rage, domestic violence, and just nastiness toward others.
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