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We’ll soon learn where Chief Justice John Roberts stands on issues

Supreme Court Justice John Roberts will be a deciding vote on many important issues for Americans. We'll soon learn where he stands on them.

Netflix fights Georgia choice ban, Jonas Brothers ‘Blood,’ Chris Brown Paris no-show

Hollywood might be staying quiet about Georgia's abortion ban, but Netflix if fighting it now. Jonas Brothers memoir coming, Britney Spears back in court while Chris Brown does a Paris no show with rape allegation.

Cannes 2019: Abortion protest hits red carpet, restored ‘Shining’ plus ‘Les Miserables’ nabbed

Cannes saw a protest against restrictive abortion laws along with a restored version of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. Les Miserables was bought by Amazon Studios.

Busy Phillips opens #youknowme floodgates for abortion rights

Actress Busy Phillips spoke out when Alabama passes an extreme abortion bill on Tuesday, and she has inspired numerous men and women to step into action.

Will Hollywood let tax incentives silence them on Georgia abortion laws?

People in Hollywood love spouting off on social injustices when it's from a distance or doesn't really affect them. When standing up to these...

Donald Trump’s immigration ‘merit’ while Senate confirms anti-choice LA judge

Donald Trump's presents doomed immigration merit system as the Senate confirms anti-abortion judge Wendy Vitter for Louisiana.

Donald Trump’s abortion ‘facts’ causing confusion to help his 2020 campaign

Donald Trump's 'facts' on abortion and anti-choice issues are causing confusion as anti-choice organizations are echoing him making real facts to become muddled.

Alyssa Milano sex strike, Constance Wu explains plus Pras indictment

Alyssa Milano got plenty of feedback on her sex strike while Constance Wu explained her Fresh Off the Boat reaction. Dennis Rodman accused of theft and Fugees Pras indicted.

‘Heartbeat’ Bill: Why you need to pay attention or go back to unsafe abortions

The heartbeat bill has slowly crept into several states which makes abortions illegal after six weeks in an attempt to overthrow Roe v. Wade. What you need to know about this movement.

How Tomi Lahren’s ‘Choice’ turned on her

Sometimes in life, you do things because of the incentives attached. In the age in which we live today, everyone is trying to become the next big thing. Whether you have a catchy phrase that garners attention for no other reason

Paul Ryan’s GOP anxious to defund Planned Parenthood

Defunding Planned Parenthood has long been the Republican parties dream, and Paul Ryan was quick to announce on Thursday that they would be doing that despite the uphill battle they expect from Democrats.

Will Donald Trump undo Roe v. Wade ruling?

President-elect Donald Trump got many people wondering if he'll have a huge impact on the famous Roe v. Wade rulling from 1973. He commented that women can just go to another state if their state suddenly makes abortion illegal, sending an ominous signal.

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