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Donald Trump wisely bought up negative website domains

One thing you can say about Donald Trump; he understands the internet game and how to keep ahead of the haters. Before anyone could get a chance to purchase any website domains that were anti-Trump, the Republican presidential nominee grabbed them all up.

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump debate highlights

Last night we got a chance to see Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in action against each other in the first presidential debate. What should have been 100 minutes of these two candidates laying out the facts of their agenda

Republicans fight it out for Super Tuesday: Trump vs Cruz vs Rubio

Super Tuesday is nearly here and 2016 Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is determined to have it live up to its name. The Republican party is circling the wagons trying to figure out what to do with the brash wild card Trump.

The Real Story Behind the Iowa Caucus Results

We know that Texas Senator Ted Cruz beat out Donald Trump for the Republican party in Iowa while Hillary Clinton just edged out Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, but what does all this mean for the 2016 Presidential Election?

Iowa Caucus 2016: What effect does it really have on the Presidential Campaign?

To hear the media, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz talk, you'd think the Iowa Caucus was the be all end all for the 2016 Presidential campaign.

Will Donald Trump’s absence make a Ted Cruz dumping ground?

Everyone knows that Donald Trump is a master manipulator with the press, but his recent stunt of lashing out at Roger Ailes FOX News and pulling out of the seventh Republican debate is rather genius.

Martin O’Malley: 25 Things Voters Need to Know

Martin O'Malley is basically just the other white meat in the 2016 Democratic Presidential campaign race as all attention is focused solely on frontrunners Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

Ben Carson Facts You Probably Don’t Know But Should

Ben Carson may have fallen off of many people's radar after dropping down in the polls after being a serious contender with Donald Trump, but the candidate isn't giving up yet.

Democrats Third Debate Not Focused On Bernie’s Breach

The three Democratic candidates faced off in New Hampshire tonight for the last time this year. The debate opened with an apology from Bernie Sanders in regards to the data breach this past week.

Mo’Nique’s Cheating Pass, Bobby Jindal Out & Taye Diggs Black Card Issues

It's been a crazy week already with Mo'Nique's cheating pass, Bobby Jindal finally bowed out of the GOP 2016 Presidential race and Taye Diggs is close to having Black Tweet snatch his black card away from him.

Donald Trump’s Not the Swamp, He’s Just Emerging From It

Rex Murphy, a Canadian political commentator, wrote an article on the topic of Donald Trump for the National Post's website a few months back. "Don't blame Trump...blame America" the headline read.

Ben Carson: The Smart Stupid Principle

In the race for the 2016 presidency, there are some familiar faces as well as some new ones thrown in the mix. Within those parameters, some of the familiar faces seem out of place.

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