LOVE & HIP HOP ATLANTA 412: Blast from the Past Recap

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” in its own way, never really disappoints. There will always be drama, there will always be ratchedness and there will always be some barely there talent chick thinking that she is the next fucking coming of Beyoncé… but anyway… I digress.

It picked right back up this week where Rasheeda and Erica went to tear down Kirk’s hotel room door because she thought Ashley Nicole was doing her man, you know, being she answered the phone when she called his room. What we find out here is that bam… Ashley is a lesbian. Rasheeda feels real stupid, but of course she saves face. She makes her way down to Kirk’s room and he is all kinds of amused by the situation. It is flattering to him because it shows that she really loves him… or something like that.

Rasheeda does pay a visit to a photo shoot that Ashley Nicole has. She apologizes because she was totally wrong and her behavior was foul. They kind of hash out there problems here too, with Ashley Nicole taking responsibility for her part in their rift. Here, she also pours out her heart about needing a women figure/influence in her life, which is a kind of touching moment. I almost kind of can stand her.

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Mimi pays a visit to Jazzy Jay to apologize to him for the way Jessica Dime acted the first and last time she was in his presence. She is hoping that he is still willing to work with her artist. He pretty much says “hell no” but shows interest in working with “The Foxx” which gives Mimi hope. Now all she has to do is find someone willing to work with the train wreck Diamond.

Mimi calls a meeting with Tiffany Foxx to tell her the good news. The artist is hesitant to give her another chance but she tells her, “There is something about you I just like.” She agrees to keep going with Stevie J’s baby momma and whatever the hell they are doing.

Later in the show, somehow someway, Mimi got Jermaine Dupree to see her and Diamond. He listens to her work and says, “it’s interesting.” Jessica must have had her ears clogged because during her confessional, this bitch says how happy she is that JD said her music was good. Ummmm, actually trick, he called it “stripper, fight music.” That doesn’t sound like he said it was good to me.

Joc is finally trying to clean up his act. He shows up at Kay Dee’s condo with divorce papers. Whaaaat? This fool is serious. He says that he is ready to be with her and only her. She is speechless and glad but is till not giving in that easily. She wants him to break it totally off with SIna.

So, he goes to talk to his baby momma and it didn’t go well. They spend time with their kids at some a playhouse, jumpy place and he chooses this as the time to tell her he’s going all in with Kay Dee. She slaps and pushes him and tells him “fuck you” for all the bitches he’s screwed over. He leaves because she cannot stop attacking him.

Kalenna pays a visit to Deb to see what is really going on with her ability to manger her. She goes to her with the intentions of seeing what she can do for her because as she states, “The house is already built, I just need you to put a door on it.” You can tell that Deb feels a kind of way about what Kalenna is saying. Now for the record, I understand what Kalenna is trying to say to Deb, BUT, the chick is the one who went to her, not the other way around. It came off as a slap in the face, which Deb felt and things just got ugly. Kalenna got real cocky real quick and that didn’t go over well with the veteran manger. Kalenna tells her that it is a privilege for Deb to be working with her because she “makes money” in her sleep. “It is a big opportunity for you to come in.” Then she says to Deb, “What is the last thing you have done?” Why the hell did she go there?  Deb dismissed her.

Scrappy takes the next step with Bambi. He gives her a key to his house. He figures with everything going on with Ernest and his mom, he feels he should man up. Man up also includes hashing things out with his baby momma Erica. He pays her a visit and pretty much tells her he wants to work things out money wise and interaction wise for the sake of their daughter.

The episode ends with Rasheeda meeting Kalenna at her club. She tells her what happened with Deb and while doing so, Tammy, Deb’s daughter in law comes in and confronts her about what went down. Their “conversation” escalates as Kalenna tells her it’s really none of her business. We see them argue and throw fingers in each other’s faces but we don’t see them actually fight.

We have to wait until next week to know who got who.