love hip hop atlanta cuffed up 2015 404

love hip hop atlanta season 4 2015This week on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, we open up with Stevie and Joseline and let me just say, her hair is not the business. You would think that with all the money and how big the damn show is, they would have a better hairdresser.

This chick shows up at Stevie J’s peaceful and restful rehab with all kinds of mess, calling Mimi a bitch and telling him that she can’t try to be nice anymore. He tells her to calm down and be nice and she’s like, “I was being nice.” He tells her that he needs her help because he’s staying away from alcohol for a year and he asks her if she can too as well as give up smoking. She, in a word, says no, “his rehab ain’t got nothing to do with me.”

Stevie is really trying it seems and later we see him in a church praying. He wants to share the peace that he has found with the women in his life so he invites Mimi to visit with him. Of course he brings up her and Joseline’s meeting. She tells him what happened. He tries not to take sides and he tells her that they are going to counsel.

Right before the counseling session, he gets a phone call that he has been indicted for not paying child support.  And is pretty much told that if he looses the trial he will go to jail for up to two years.

Kalenna and Tony get ready for their newest addition and there is a lot of pressure on them because of the money problems they are having. He wants to go into business with an old business partner (who got him in trouble last time) and tries to convince her to let them take their life savings and invest it.

After Kalenna has the baby, Mimi, Karlie Redd and Diamond visit her. Karlie tells her about what happened at the opening of her event in particular about Rasheeda “turning up” and Kalenna says, during her confessionals, that she knows Karlie is messy and what she is saying about Rasheeda, “Is not the Rasheeda I know.”

Then there is Karlie Redd and she is about to go in on Rasheeda because she feels that she brought Erica to her event to spoil it. Karlie invites her to a restaurant and tells her exactly how she feels as they go back and forth. They really dig deep with their insutls and by the end of their “conversation” they are calling each other all kinds of bitches, hoes and Rasheeda “calls” AARP to pick Karlie Redd up…. Good one!

love hip hop atlanta cuffed up 2015 404Then there is messy ass, crazy looking ass Nikko. His wife, Margeaux, finally comes to live in Atlanta and this dude gets her an apartment in his building . She tells him that he can’t just come in when he wants and she says that there relationship is open by default. He tells her about the sex tape and book deal with Mimi and she breaks down crying. He then turns around and tell her that the whole sex tape and everything was ALL Mimi.  Margeaux is speechless(so am I). Okay Nikko, if no one was supposed to know that it is all Mimi, why the hell, knowing that you are on a TV SHOW would you tell her wife in front of cameras?

There is also that chick Sina and she is just too fucking much. She shows up at Khadiyah’s office to show her a video of her and Joc having sex.  Kaydee takes that damn tablet, throws it on the ground and stomps on it. She tells Sina about herself tells that bitch to bounce… AND throws her purse at her.

Now the thing about her, which I continuously don’t get about women period, instead of going in on Joc’s ass, she says, “Imma kill him with kindness” and show him all that he is missing. She gets home, ties him up and changes into something “more comfortable”. She comes out with strawberries (feeds him) and then shows him the video that Sina showed her.

He asks her to untie him and she says no. He blames Sina about everything that happened claiming she drugged him. Khadiyha beats him with a whip! It is actually a funny ass scene. Joc, in all that is happening, is turned on by it and she leaves his ass right there tied up. Beast… Mode Kaydee… Beast mode! Although I still think you should leave his ass.

At the end of the show, Stevie J and Joseline meet with a counselor and as he tells Joseline all that she needs to do to help her husband, she says I am willing but I don’t want to stop drinking. She then breaks down crying when she finds out that Stevie might have to go to jail for two years because of the indictment. When her husband says I need you to be here for me she says it’s always about Stevie J and “ if I was going to do me, I wouldn’t be here right now.” She says that she just wants him to respect her as his equal.

Come one Stevie, the Good Guy can get out of his on way to do that… right?


Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta follows the lives of Atlanta’s hip-hop elite as they take on the trials and tribulations of juggling both their professional and personal lives…which often intersect and unravel for the whole world to see! After 3 seasons of ups and downs in both personal and professional pursuits, the cast of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta have either learned from the ATL game of mixing business and pleasure, or are about to have the same game turned on them! With artists rising and falling, and families growing or being torn apart, the cast members are about to have their lives changed in ways they never imagined…for better or worse! Nothing is off limits as they explore the good, the bad, and sometimes even the naughty side of love, passion, fame, and hip-hop!

ATL’s hip-hop scene is ever evolving, and this season our cast is looking to continue to be on the cutting edge of what’s hot in this music mecca. The Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta ladies have evolved from aspirational artists and businesswomen into savvy entrepreneurs, mothers, wives, and lovers who still struggle to deal with all of the challenges their fast-paced lives throw at them. After seasons full of infidelity/deceit towards their female counterparts, the men of ATL are seriously about to learn what goes around DEFINITELY comes right back around! The substance abuse, infidelity, and legal issues affecting the male cast will no longer just be blog fodder; they will learn that karma is a “biznayee!”

Stevie J’s “Life Partner Gang” is back in full-force! After Mimi’s tumultuous breakup with Nikko, she is looking for the professional and personal redemption she needs post-sex tape. Mimi is concentrating on her and her daughter’s future, and is ready to profit from her autobiography Let’s Have Some Wine. However, Stevie’s support is not guaranteed, especially when he has to face the legal ramifications in his own life story!

Meanwhile, after the events that occurred in New York (at the Season 3 reunion), Joseline has taken a break from Atlanta for self-reflection. When Joseline returns to ATL, she may have to support Stevie through his personal/professional issues as Stevie plans to build his musical comeback, and leave his rockstar lifestyle behind to avoid jail time!

Just when Mimi thought she gotten rid of her ex-lover Nikko for good, he’s found a way to keep a foothold in her life by reminding her he’s attached to her upcoming book deal – demanding his 25% stake. Since his separation from Mimi, Nikko has reunited with his heretofore secret of a wife, Margeaux, who is making her debut this season. Margeaux is still trying to learn how to forgive her estranged husband for his involvement in the sex tape with Mimi and she has moved down to Atlanta to see if their marriage is worth salvaging. However, Margeaux is none-too-pleased to know Nikko is still dealing with Mimi – even if it’s not personal, but all business this time.

Scrappy returns this season seemingly comfortably settled in with girlfriend Bambi, and out of the dog house! This on-again, off-again, homie/lover/friend pair are looking to see if they can make it past the “Friendship, Promise, Love” ring stage of their relationship to something more lasting. Unlike Bambi, Erica Dixon is feuding with Scrappy over support of their daughter. Erica feels its time to hold Scrappy accountable, and goes after him with a vengeance! However, Scrappy has his own side of the story, protesting he’s not only financially responsible for his daughter, but he’s a great father and is tired of being made to look like a deadbeat dad. Aside from being the best father he can be, Scrappy is also fighting to prove himself as an artist as he looks to regain his status as a force on the Atlanta music scene. Ironically, Scrappy is feeling pressure from an unexpected source; his own mother, Momma Dee, who had her own surprise hit with her song debut, “I Deserve”.

Notorious for meddling in her son’s affairs, Momma Dee may be too wrapped up in her own love-life having reunited with her ex-husband, Ernest, who has spent the last seven years in prison. However, Momma Dee’s tumultuous and traumatic past with Ernest may be too much for Scrappy and his sister Jasmine to want to re-visit.

Rasheeda and Kirk’s personal life seems to be back on the right track until new secrets in come to the surface. Rasheeda is adamant on opening up her ImBossy/Poiz storefront in Atlanta and will no longer take Kirk’s refusal! However, with secret properties and a sexy new female artist named Ashley Nicole, Kirk may get tired of Rasheeda’s constant push back and go back to his old “I do me” type ways!

Singer/entrepreneur Karlie Redd is on the top of the world right now, re-fashioning herself as a triple threat, actress, businesswoman, and recording artist – she has a hit single (“Heartbreakers”), a blockbuster movie (Top Five), and is planning on opening a store for her cosmetic and lingerie lines. In the spirit of onwards and upwards, Karlie Redd is over her past high profile relationship with rapper Yung Joc, and is proudly “married to her checks” at the moment! Messy Karlie is about her business and is not afraid to burn any bridge that doesn’t lead to her success.

After a year of living in Atlanta, a very pregnant Kalenna is ready to pop out both her new album AND her baby in the next few months! However, Kalenna is plagued with anxiety about her music and baby coming out into the world, especially when her and her husband Tony Vick are in a financial crisis. Kalenna is struggling to finish her ‘Black Orchid’ album, and wants her “husband-ger” Tony to step it up to help her career! However, when Tony decides to invest their life savings in a club, and put Kalenna’s career on the back burner, Kalenna may be forced to choose between her marriage and her career.

Veteran rapper Yung Joc has learned the hard way about the ups and downs of hip-hop, and this year, the pendulum continues to swing for this ATL native and hip-hop scene fixture! Yung Joc’s arrangement with mother of his 1-year old twins Sina, and his current girlfriend, Khadiyah, is a disaster in the making! With a career to revive along with his brood of children, their mothers, and Khadiyah to provide for and keep satisfied, Joc has his plate extra full.

Also, with the additions of fashion entrepreneur PreMadonna (the owner of the world famous “Waist Gang Society” waist trainers), Joseline’s former stripper friend Jessica “Dimepiece”, and hip-hop star Tiffany Foxx, the veteran cast may be given a run for their money by the new girls in town! Jessica Dimepiece & Tiffany Foxx share a lot in common – both moved to Atlanta for a new beginning, both are rap artists, and both are determined to be on top. As Mimi attempts to represent both women on MF Management, Mimi will get caught in a rivalry between these two fierce and opinionated artists!