Kelly Osboure View Slapped & Zayn Malik Single Again

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kelly osbourne latin comment on view backlash 2015Kelly Osbourne found herself in hot water after a controversial comment she made as a co-host on The View Tuesday morning. Check out the full video below.

During the Hot Topics segment, Whoopi Goldberg mentioned that Donald Trump is still leading in the Republican polls. While all of the hosts went off on how ridiculous it is that Trump is leading the polls. Kelly chimed in, saying:

“If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump? In the sense that…”

Kelly tried to continue her point, but the other co-hosts were so taken back and Latino co-host Rosie Perez jumped in saying, “Latinos are not only the people doing that.”

Right away, Kelly knew she was in trouble and tried back tracking saying, “No, I didn’t mean it like that! Come on! I would never mean it like that! I’m not part of this argument.”

By the end of the show, Rosie ended up apologizing to Osbourne for being “overly sensitive,” although Kelly admitted she had “every right [to be upset].” However, Rosie was adamant that her “disdain should go to only Donald Trump.”

Unfortunately for Kelly, even if Rosie gave her a pass, it didn’t mean the Twitter-verse would. Following the morning talk show, Kelly got a wave of backlash from upset fans.

Twitter posts:

Since the backlash, Kelly has taken to her Facebook to (kind of) apologize. Kelly issued a statement saying:

“I want to start by saying I ALWAYS take responsibility for my actions. In this particular case I will take responsibility for my poor choice of words but I will not apologize for being a racist as I am NOT. I whole-heartedly f—ked up today. I don’t want to bulls—t anyone with lame excuses. Although, I was stopped mid-sentence by Rosie and couldn’t finish my point I will not let Rosie take responsibility for my words. I should have known better as I was on The View and it was live. I’ve learned a very valuable lesson. It is my hope that this situation will open up a conversation about immigration and the Latin community as a whole. By the way I clean my own f—king toilets.”

Many are taken back by Kelly’s bold stance on the situation, as earlier in the year she publicly ousted her Fashion Police co-host Giuliana Rancic for her “poor choice of words.” Many are even claiming that what Kelly said was worse than Giuliana’s controversial comments.

Following this scandal, I wouldn’t be surprised if Guiliana Rancic is over at E! smirking with satisfaction.

zayn malik perrie edwards time break up great for pr 2015 gossipMore big news for the One Direction community came out today.

Although Zayn Malik is no longer a member of the band, the fans are still voicing their opinions after Zayn Malik called off his engagement to singer Perrie Edwards.

Many were expecting fans to show sympathy and sadness for the couples decision, however, fans have expressed that they aren’t surprised by the announcement. Many have even claimed to be happy and relieved by Perrie and Zayn’s decision.

In addition, most speculate that the announcement was strategically timed, as just when One Direction was making headlines, Zayn seemingly needed to bring the spotlight back to him and this announcement was the perfect way to do so.

Twitter posts:

Fans took their stance on the whole situation even further when they began pointing out that Zayn actually got a tattoo of Perrie all over his arm.

Twitter posts:

Perrie and Zayn have been engaged since August 2013 and she was reportedly the reason behind Zayn leaving the band. However, sources say that Zayn was the one to call off the engagement and end the relationship, leaving the 22-year-old girl-group singer “devastated.”