BACHELOR IN PARADISE 202: Date Cards & Tantric Yoga

clare crawley with mikey tenerelli in bachelor in paradise 202 2015

bachelor in paradise 202 recap images 2015The second part of the premiere of “Bachelor in Paradise begins with Clare, from Juan Pablo’s season, coming into the mix. Bringing with her a date card, Clare gets the inside scoop from the girl’s on which of the men have already been claimed. Although initially Clare showed interest in Jared and Kirk, after hearing that they have somewhat been claimed by Ashley I. and Carly, Clare decides she will ask Dan to go on the date with her.

Meanwhile, Dan arrives back with Ashley S. who was ambulanced away in the previous episode. Dan reveals that Ashley had not been feeling well all day and it seems that Dan has somewhat fallen for Ashley, who is pleased his first date was in an emergency room.

Clare sees that Dan and Ashley already have a connection, and therefore comes to the conclusion that she either has to ask Mikey or JJ.

Awkwardness ensues when Mikey tells Clare that going on a date with her would be “awesome,” and it is obvious Clare isn’t too into Mikey. However, she admires his courage and confidence when telling her he wants to go on the date, Clare eventually agrees.

clare crawley with mikey tenerelli in bachelor in paradise 202 2015This awkwardness continues when their date turns out to be tantric yoga and Mikey is a lot more into it than Clare. Afterwards, he confesses that he finds her “very attractive,” in which she tells him off in the nicest way possible, saying she “doesn’t want to make [their relationship] more than it is right now.” However Mikey just doesn’t quite get the hint and tries to go in for a kiss, which is rejected by Clare.

The next date card is given to Ashley S. who right away chooses her hospital-mate Dan. Although Ashley is still her out-there self, Dan seems to be interested in her and their date ends up going really well.

Meanwhile, Tenley realizes every guy seems to be claimed, and so she takes it upon herself to pursue Jared. Ashley I. sees her walking on the beach with Jared and has her second freak out of the show. She channels this into determination and decides to get drunk, so she can feel confident enough to “claim her stake.”

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as Ashley I. had hoped and Jared basically tells her that he is open to giving his rose to anybody this week.

The episode ends with the first rose ceremony of the show. The men are in charge of giving out the roses and therefore at least one woman will be going home.

The two women who feel they are in jeopardy are Tenley and Jillian, and therefore both of them try and pursue JJ last minute. Tenley even “gives permission” to JJ to kiss her in attempt to win his rose.

After having a long conversation trying to reassure Ashley I. how “amazing” she is, Jared shows off his sneaky side as he promises his rose to Clare if she doesn’t get one from someone else. It seems he feels more of a connection with Clare, but is having a hard time shaking off Ashley I. who clearly feels attached to him already.

Jared winds up giving his rose to Ashley I., as Clare receives Mikey’s rose, who definitely is not getting the hints that Clare is not interested. This means both Ashley I. and her sister Jennifer are staying in Paradise for another week.


Everyone pairs off except for Jillian and Tenley, who are both relying on JJ’s rose to stay.  JJ has a hard time choosing but eventually gives the rose to Tenley, which means that Jillian (and her new breast implants) is sent home from Paradise.

The sneak peek shows that there will be plenty of new additions to Paradise. In addition, many of the established couples don’t stay together as many are shown with a new partner in the season’s teaser. Of course, there is an abundance of tears from both the men and the women, as well as a clip of JJ being threatened by another man wanting to “break [his] jaw.”

The Bachelor in Paradise will be airing every Sunday and Monday for the next month at 8pm on ABC.