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Zayn Malik returns, Cardi B injection plus Ryan Reynold’s breeding

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Zayn Malik returns, Cardi B admits illegal butt injections, Heidi Klum topless romp with rocker boyfriend, Meghan Markle donations, Ryan Reynolds continues breeding, Trey Songz beats rap, Matt Ryan twin sons and Kim Zolciak rebuts White Chicks 2.

Eating disorders and the holiday season; there is help out there

Eating disorders don't take a break during the holiday season, and in fact, they can become worse for people surrounded with so much holiday cheer and food. Here are places that can help you and some statistics showing that this isn't going away.

Ruby Rose backtracks on Katy Perry and Harry Styles outdoes Zayn Malik

Ariana Grande concert victims, Harry Styles leaves Zayn Malik in vocal dust, Rusy Rose Swishes away from Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's Firehouse

Melania Trump ready to Vogue while George Clooney proves fertile

Despite her husband publically bashing the media (including fashion publication Vanity Fair) on countless occasions, First Lady Melania Trump will likely still get a chance to be a fashion magazine cover star.

Donald Trump vs Tom Ford plus Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson truce

From Rosie O’Donnell to Arnold Schwarzenegger toVanity Fair, it feels like nothing is safe from the wrath of President-elect Donald Trump. Over the past few months, particularly in the midst of the recent US Presidential Election

Kendall Kylie Jenner NYC foursome plus Kim Kardashian easy cameo

With their boyfriends in tow, celebrity sister duo Kylie and Kendall Jenner enjoyed a full day of shopping together.

Kanye West takes on Tyga and Joe Manganiello works out his Deathstroke

It sure helps when the girl you are dating is the sister-in-law of highly successful rapper Kanye West. On Wednesday, it was revealed that Kanye signed Kylie Jenner’s long-time beau Tyga to his record label.

Taylor Swift burns out on Tom Hiddleston and Zayn Malik anxiety stops shows

The minute Taylor Swift’s romance with actor Tom Hiddleston was made public, people began speculating about what the aftermath would be like if they were to break up.

Zayn Malik’s latest fingering adornment and Kanye West setting high standards

It’s not uncommon for parents to think highly of their own offspring. However, according to reality star Kim Kardashian, her husband Kanye West takes it to a whole new level

Anxiety cripples Zayn Malik and Presley Gerber works runway with Anwar Scott

Despite being only a few months into his solo singing career, Zayn Malik has already hit a bump in the road. On Saturday evening, the “Pillow Talk” singer was scheduled to perform at London’s Capital Summertime Ball

Harry Styles taking Zayn Malik’s lead and Kylie Jenner moving on up Tyga free

Apparently Zayn Malik isn’t the only One Direction alum that has decided to give a solo career a go. Insiders are now hinting that band member Harry Styles is gearing up to rebrand himself as a solo act.

Drake does Rihanna and Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid let no distance separate them

Every week Saturday Night Live welcomes a new celebrity guest to host the show. For the most part, stars come and go without making too many waves in the media. However, rapper Drake’s appearance

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