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Calvin Harris communicates to Taylor Swift and Sharon Osbourne back with Ozzy

While Calvin Harris may have told paparazzi that things were “all good” between him and his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift, his choice in footwear is seemingly saying otherwise.

Lark Voorhies Marriage Oddness & Kelly Osbourne Takes On Giuliana Rancic

Here we are people, the beginning of the workweek, and over the weekend Wiz Khalifa got arrested for not being afraid of the future. Lark Voorhies' strange marriage woes continue and Kelly Osbourne is taking on Giuliana Rancic now.

Idris Elba Goes Solo & Joe Jackson Gets Wrong Kind Of Stroke From Viagra

Kelly Osbourne is still feeling the heat from her Donald Trump comment on The View, Cookie Lyon comes to life, Idris Elba's solo action is very sexy and Joe Jackson allegedly got the wrong kind of stroke from Viagra.

Third Time Tops For Robert Downey, Jr & Kelly Osbourne Lingers At THE VIEW

Forbes’ annual list of the World’s Highest-Paid Actors was released, with actor Robert Downey Jr. topping the list, earning $80 million this year. This is his third year in a row topping the list, and he can thank the power of the Chinese box office for his staying power.

Kelly Osboure View Slapped & Zayn Malik Single Again

Kelly Osbourne found herself in hot water after a controversial comment she made as a co-host on The View Tuesday morning. Check out the full video below.

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Jussie Smollet Out, Ludacris Fertile & Jesse Holley Moron

Today in celebrity gossip news, there’s a lot going on (like when is there ever not a lot going on right?) so let's just dig right on in to it.

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